An Annual Report for Unusual Times

Ironically, it has become commonplace to say that these are ‘unusual times’. So our Annual Report 2021 is called: Unusual Times: Thriving through a pandemic. Last year’s Annual Report was titled A Year Like No Other, reflecting the disruption that COVID-19 has brought to our activities. Since then, we have experienced even more disruption. This year’s periods of COVID-19 resurgence … Read More


I have been asked on numerous occasions, how I did my Strava Art, the Compass Rose?   With quite a bit of planning and a lot of very careful riding is usually my smartie pants answer.  But for those of you who are interested in doing this type art, read on…. You have to be prepared to forgo registering  most of … Read More

The Hills Police supporting cyclists

The local police in The Hills have supported the safety of cyclists through a post on Facebook. The police report they will visit a driver who close-passed a cyclist by 30cm,  as evidenced via video recorded by the cyclist on their bike’s cameras.  Refer to the detail in the attached image. 

More from the Strava Art Competition

Here are some more entries from our Strava Art competition.  This week we show Sunil Jain’s ‘A Turtle having a Drink’ and Brian Lynne’s ‘The Prancing Poodle’.  Aren’t they fabulous! Last week, a gremlin tripped up our efforts to bring you the results of the competition.  We send our sincere apologies to the people whose entries were left blank by … Read More

Rhino Wins the Stava Art Competition

We have a winner in the Strava Art Competition!  Congratulations, Gerry Both, for his entry that he titled ‘Rhino’.  We understand that he is particularly proud of the eye; don’t you love it!  We will be awarding Gerry his prize, one of our new caps, if we ever see each other in person again. Special mentions go to Beth O’Leary … Read More


Recently I have bumped into a number of Bike North members as I completed solo rides. Almost universally, they have expressed the difficulty of keeping motivated through this lockdown, without the benefit of regular Bike North rides. It’s also difficult to think of where you can ride within current distance limitations and so we repeat the same old rides. The … Read More

Brake Bleed Block Saga

As we approach our  7th week of Sydney lockdowns, I am sure we are all looking for things to keep us distracted. One project I’ve set myself is to learn how to, and perform, a brake bleed. I’d previously purchased the funnel and syringe components to perform this task but I was missing an essential item – the bleed block. … Read More

Help shape election priorities

Could your local council do a better job of providing for cycling?   Local government elections will be held on 4 December and Bike North is putting significant efforts into getting positive information to candidates and asking them to commit to support cycling and support key priorities in your area.    Help shape the priorities that Bike North pursues by participating in Zoom … Read More

Annual General Meeting Postponed, now by Zoom

The NSW government’s current Public Health Orders mean we cannot hold the AGM in person on Sunday 15 August as we had planned.   There is great uncertainty about when we will be able to get together in person, so we will be holding this year’s AGM by Zoom, like we did last year.  At this stage, we have tentatively chosen … Read More

Strava Art Competition Ending

All good things must come to an end.  With no end in sight for the lock-down, we are nevertheless calling an end to the Strava Art competition.  (That’s the good thing that’s ending, in case you’re confused.) You have until the end of the weekend to send us your entry, if you haven’t done so already. Remember, here is the … Read More