A Women’s Committee for Bike North?

One of our members has approached your Bike North Executive proposing that it establish a Women’s Committee, noting that there is a significant male/female imbalance in cycling generally and within the Bike North membership.  A number of reasons were cited for this gender imbalance including concerns about safety; lack of cycling infrastructure; lack of, and the desirability for there to … Read More

The Great Allegany Passage (GAP) Trail

The Great Allegany Passage (GAP) Trail: Cumberland, Maryland to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA One trail that regularly gets mentioned in the ‘best of’ cycling trails in the US is the Great Allegany Passage through western Pennsylvania. So to coincide with some other travel in north eastern US, it wasn’t hard to put it on my ‘to-do list’ and convince a couple of … Read More

Leaders Lowdown – Clare Classic – Greg Boyd

Ride Report – April 2018 Time for a road trip, the Clare Valley, South Australia and more specifically the Clare Classic (160Km) was beckoning and with a few detours and some sightseeing resulted in approx 4000km of travel. First planned stop was Tour de Cowra Easter weekend, but only managed to make the last day and as it was bike … Read More

POSTCARD FROM SINGAPORE – Leaders Lowdown – Justin Holmwood

All Bike North members love to travel by bike wherever they can, either at home or abroad, and are well aware of the usefulness of the bicycle as a means of transport as indeed are many, many millions of people around the world. Notwithstanding its undeniable sophistication as one of the most modern global cities, even here in Singapore where … Read More

Parramatta Valley Cycleway Missing Link to be Built

Bike North is delighted to report that the missing link of the Parramatta Valley Cycleway will be built. The section, known as the Escarpment Boardwalk between the ferry wharf, through and under Macarthur St, will be built with assistance of over $10 million State Government’s Cycling Infrastructure Fund. Construction will commence immediately and will be completed in early 2019. The … Read More

Parramatta Light Rail – Stage 1 Determination

29/5/2018 – Stage 1 of the Parramatta Light Rail has final planning approval. Below we highlight the areas impacting cyclists. The headline is that the continuation of the Active Transport Link (ATL) under Adderton Road is still in play. Bike North was one of many submissions to highlight this important point. The Department agrees with submissions stating that the ATL … Read More

Orange Recce – Gerrit Hagen

Having really enjoyed Cowra this Easter we decided to join Phil Burge, as he was travelling to Orange, to check and see if it was possible to put a weekend on like Cowra and Mudgee.  We went to the Tourist Information Centre in Orange and got a few maps.  We were pleasantly surprised by the Town Centre, as there seemed to be … Read More

Leaders Lowdown – Orange Newcrest Ride Report by Greg Boyd

Ride Report 2018 Earlier in the week I gave the bike a quick clean and check over.  I started to pick out the Umpteen little bits of glass in both tyres and then remembering doing the same thing some 3,000 km ago prior to L’Etape and just deciding to toss on some new tyres. So a new set of tyres fitted … Read More

Leaders Lowdown – Mountain Biking Around Sydney – Marjorie Au

Some people think when they hear the words “mountain biking” that it’s all about bush bashing and full-faced helmets and crashing down steep rocky narrow paths, but it can also be about just enjoying the amazing quiet & natural beauty of the Australian bush on a bicycle. Yes, the ground is not paved in asphalt or concrete; so yes, there … Read More

Leader’s Lowdown – Malaga (Spain) by Tony Stanley

Way of life for living in the “city”: Malaga is a popular tourist city in the south of Spain that sits on the Mediterranean. It is mainly inhabited by university students (there is a technical university there) and English retiree tourists (I’m sure there are others but that’s what it feels like to me). Most of Malaga is flat along … Read More