Tour de Cowra Stories 2016

Photos from 2016 Tour de Cowra Lots of photos were taken at Cowra this year. See this page in our gallery. BayBUG rides with Bike North at Cowra Claire Goodwill & Colleen Hickey from BayBUG have a short article … Read more

Tour de Cowra Stories 2015

Alex’s reflections (first timer) “It’s like an itch that needs a scratch every year” (John) After joining Bike North about 18 months ago, the mutterings about Cowra start … such a fun time … the cycling is so different to your … Read more

Cycling in Italy

Would you like to cycle in Italy with Italians? So how might this be possible? Bike North is affiliated with Amici della Bicicletta di Verona (AdB) which is a similar organisation to us, but across the globe. This affiliation offers … Read more

“Bicing” in Barcelona

(yes, that is how it is spelt!) By John Hunt Barcelona is a city of 4.5 million in the greater urban area, with an old town dating back to Roman times (and before). The city centre, comprising the old town … Read more

Only Lyon!

By Gloria Blondé The above is Lyon’s marketing spiel and includes a silhouette of a lion. Lyon is truly magnificent and well worth a visit. Located centrally in France at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône Rivers, there is … Read more


Hill Skills For new cyclists hill climbing is one of the most daunting aspects of cycling. Fit, experienced cyclists however enjoy hill climbing immensely and realise that it is in fact one of the best parts of cycling. There is … Read more

Group Riding

Riding with a Groupby Keith Griffin This article is NOT about peloton riding… Here we look at riding in less formal groups, much like we enjoy on Easy and Medium Bike North rides. How is a group of cyclists … Read more

Starting / Stopping

Many cyclists are unable to start and stop their bikes in a controlled manner. On Bike North easy rides we often see prospective cyclists with little experience and little idea of how to start and stop their bikes. The following … Read more

Family Cycling

This series of information sheets is designed to help parents find the most appropriate solutions for getting children into cycling in a fun and safe way. You can download the files one at a time or go for the full … Read more

Shopping by Bike

What do I need on my bike? Well, the most obvious necessity is something to put the shopping in! This could be a backpack, which is the one you have taken on your ride to work, and has a bit … Read more