A comparison of average speeds between flatter and steeper rides

By Bike North Member John Constandopoulos I have often heard riders refer to their average speed to determine how well they did on a particular ride and I wondered how good of an indicator average speed by itself is without taking into consideration the elevation gain? So I tried to investigate this by looking at the various elements that make … Read More

Be careful how you go

Readers may have noticed the report on Page 4 of the Sun-Herald of 12 May, 2019 about a cyclist killed in Lidcombe last week, the details of which, if true, beggar belief :- THE SUN-HERALD Cyclist driven over after being hit, court hears The latest road toll figures from the NSW Centre for Road Safety don’t make for more cheerful … Read More

Adderton Rd Underpass is a reality!

The NSW Government has confirmed that the Active Transport Link (ATL) along the Parramatta Light Rail from Carlingford to Camellia and over James Ruse Drive will be continuous. This includes an underpass at Adderton Rd. Full details are yet to be released. Bike North is in contact with Parramatta Light Rail and will release details as they come to hand.

The Gilmore Valley 30km Loop

If you happen to be in Tumut rural NSW and looking for a pleasant, flat, quiet country ride, you will not be disappointed with the Gilmore Valley 30 km Loop. Bring your own refreshments and your camera. This prime cattle and sheep grazing country is something special to experience. Five Bike North members undertook the Loop ride following the conclusion … Read More

The Vanishing Point

This is the scene that now confronts cyclists travelling south along the old Pacific Highway on the last uphill to Asquith. Those familiar with the area will notice that the south bound cycle lane has recently been moved by about a meter to the east which means that it in fact runs out to nothing about one hundred and fifty … Read More


Following on from highly engaging Bicycle NSW initiative #FixMyBathPath, Bike North is pushing for good maintenance of road shoulders across northern Sydney with #FixMyRoadShoulder. If you have any examples of issues on road shoulders, particularly poor maintenance, debris remaining oo long after storms etc., please send high resolution images to communications@bikenorth.org.au, post to our Facebook page.

Autumn Classics Weekend – Bundanoon

After a few years exploring Canberra, the Autumn Classics Weekend for 2019 will be in the Southern Highlands – with Bundanoon as the accommodation base and the starting point for the rides. Ride details on the Calendar May 23-26. Thu 23rd May: Bundanoon Taster Fri 24th May: Bundanoon Wingello Wander Sat 25th May: Bundanoon Highland Fling Sun 26: Bundanoon Lookouts … Read More

Electric bikes – fire safety

Page 3 of last weekend’s “The Sun Herald” contained an article about a recent house fire in Leichhardt apparently caused by an overheating lithium ion battery for an ‘e bike’. The link to the article is as follows :- https://www.smh.com.au/business/consumer-affairs/an-orange-flash-then-melanie-s-house-burnt-down-20190426-p51hj2.html With the increasing popularity of electric bicycles, it’s probably timely to remind potential purchasers to inquire carefully about any safety … Read More

Federal Election Cycling Initiatives

Most of us are all too familiar with the spectacle of politicians ‘putting on the yellow jersey’ during an election campaign and then reaching for the car keys as soon as the polls are declared ! But hope springs eternal and during the current Federal Election campaign your correspondent, in the interests of providing you with some clues as to … Read More

Hornsby Working Group Meeting

Bike North’s Hornsby Advocacy Working Group will next meet in the “Esther Wait” Room of Hornsby Library at 7.15pm on Tuesday 30th April. Any Bike North member is welcome to attend as we endeavour to work with Hornsby Council to complete and implement a Bike Plan for Hornsby Shire and plan ways to encourage the RMS to improve safety for … Read More