Bike Fitting

I recently had a ‘bike fitting’ and now I am now riding stronger and more comfortably.  During the fitting, a specialist adjusted my seat height and placement, using various static and video measurements.  He also made numerous other suggestions about … Read more

Pedal and Cleats II

My feet have straight lasts.  When moving to cleats a decade ago, I wasn’t comfortable in any cycling shoe I tried.  I was offered Shimano sandals with recessed SPD cleats and have worn such sandals cycling ever since. (I wear … Read more

Pedals and Cleats

Don’t think you have to ride with cleats just because other Bike Northers do! And if you do choose cleats, don’t be afraid to ease the release settings. Cleats, like toe clips, help to locate your feet on the pedals. … Read more


Hill Skills For new cyclists hill climbing is one of the most daunting aspects of cycling. Fit, experienced cyclists however enjoy hill climbing immensely and realise that it is in fact one of the best parts of cycling. There is … Read more

Group Riding

Riding with a Groupby Keith Griffin This article is NOT about peloton riding… Here we look at riding in less formal groups, much like we enjoy on Easy and Medium Bike North rides. How is a group of cyclists … Read more

Starting / Stopping

Many cyclists are unable to start and stop their bikes in a controlled manner. On Bike North easy rides we often see prospective cyclists with little experience and little idea of how to start and stop their bikes. The following … Read more

Family Cycling

This series of information sheets is designed to help parents find the most appropriate solutions for getting children into cycling in a fun and safe way. You can download the files one at a time or go for the full … Read more

Shopping by Bike

What do I need on my bike? Well, the most obvious necessity is something to put the shopping in! This could be a backpack, which is the one you have taken on your ride to work, and has a bit … Read more

Locking Your Bike

Although you hear many stories of bikes being stolen I doubt if many correctly locked bikes are stolen in Sydney. Locking your bike is really a process of risk management. The following advice, if implemented, will help to ensure that … Read more