Dealing with Magpies

In the ongoing fight against the magpie peril a person was seen in the early morning quiet streets of Red Rock and Corindi Beach dressed for battle. Apparently it was Edward “zip-tie” Scissorhands. What is it with magpies? As Spring approaches birds such as magpies protect their nesting sites from threat. Yes, riding past a nesting site during this six … Read More

Dealing with Motorists

Occasionally if you ride on public roads you will strike an aggressive motorist. One who does not recognise your right to operate your vehicle on a public road, with the same rights and responsibilities as other vehicle operators. These people are mostly stupid, or if not stupid just plain ignorant. Some of the arguments they use to justify their actions … Read More


Many cyclists, especially those who are inexperienced or unskilled, are nervous about using roundabouts. Indeed accident statistics indicate a higher accident rate for cyclists at roundabouts, compared with other intersection types. Unskilled cyclists often negotiate roundabouts in an unsafe manner contributing to the high accident rate. The following article describes recommended techniques for safely negotiating single-lane roundabouts. Using these techniques, which … Read More

Buying a Bike

This article is intended to assist those who are buying a bike for the first time, or who have not purchased one in many years.

Night Riding

Cycling is a versatile means of transport and cycling at night is a viable, safe means of transport. Cycling at night does present possibly greater safety risks than riding in the day but with the correct equipment and techniques it is still a safe activity. Anybody seeking to use cycling as a year round means of transport in Sydney could … Read More


How to Descend Safely Bike North rides attract people with a broad range of cycling abilities which should match up with the skills required on our broad range of rides. More difficult rides necessitate more advanced skills and riders with a “skill deficit” may find themselves in difficult situations. One of the most advanced skills required on our rides is … Read More