Who should do this course? This course is designed for those people who can ride a bike, but who would like to improve confidence and basic skills to enjoy riding more often.
Pre-requisites? You just need to be able to balance and ride a bike.
What's in the course? The course covers the basic skills required to ride a bike on shared user paths or cycleways and quiet back streets, with practical emphasis on increasing confidence. Starting, stopping, cornering, one handed riding (for signalling) slow riding, manoeuvring...There will be a session on basic maintenance where everyone will get the chance to change a rear tyre, and topics such as cleaning the bike and checking it for problems will be discussed. At the end of the day a Q&A session with the coaches should help to consolidate the information from the rest of the day.
How is the course structured? There are three parts to this course.
A single day course to assess your skills, teach you how to improve and practice them, a session on maintenance and a short ride
2 separate Buddy Rides. Each Buddy ride will take 1-3 hours, will be one-to-one with a coach (sometimes two-one) and will involve intensive coaching and practice of your new-found skills during a real bike ride. In some ways this is the most important part of the course.
We also encourage you to attend a Bike North Easy graded ride after completing your Buddy rides. Chat to your Buddy ride coach about which rides are suitable. It may be possible to have a coach attend the ride to help you out in the group.
Do I need to be fit? As this course is designed for people who wish to improve and increase their cycling, only limited physical fitness is expected to complete the course. During the course you will spend several sessions riding around on a flat surface, practising skills. The buddy rides will stretch you a little further, though they often include a "coffee stop" for a break and to discuss anything which has come up during the ride.
What do I need to bring? A mechanically sound bicycle and an Australian Standards approved helmet.