This series of information sheets is designed to help parents find the most appropriate solutions for getting children into cycling in a fun and safe way. You can download the files one at a time or go for the full set in one larger document. The set consists of the following sheets:

  • Family Cycling 1: Overview
  • Family Cycling 2: Child Seat
  • Family Cycling 3: Trailer
  • Family Cycling 4: Trailer Bike
  • Family Cycling 5: Tandem
  • Family Cycling 6: Teaching Children to Ride
  • Family Cycling: The full set

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Note: these are set up as A3 sized documents, but its easy to print them as A4 on your printer (print at 70%). Also you may find it easier to download them to your machine rather than view them on-line (Windows users right click, Mac users Option click)