At present our riding may be more solitary than we would like so why not add interest to each ride by taking photos of something that catches your eye or makes you smile, and give yourself the chance of winning an exclusive prize?

The Bike North Executive has opened a photo competition that is very simple to enter, just send your ride photos to

For each of 5 weeks (starting 22nd April), there will be a winning photograph; after 5 weeks there will be an overall winner.

The weekly winner will receive a Bike North Water Bottle, and the overall winner receives the major prize – a 99 Bikes voucher for $99!!

Best of all, each winning photo will be decided by YOU!! Vote below!

When submitting your photos to, include information about each photo; i.e., filename, location of photo, and title of photo. For example: IMG_2127.jpg, Olympic Park, Long and Lonely Road. Remember: the more photos you submit, the greater your chance of winning a prize.

Be creative, be imaginative, stay safe, and stay well.

Click on any photo on this page to see a large version.

Week Five