After the success of the recent solitary riding photo competition, the Bike North Executive has called for the next effort to be creating a collection of photos that can be used in the cycling skills education courses run by Bike North.

We need your assistance.

It is very simple to assist, just send your photos of cycling hazards to

The images will be used to create material that will help newer adult riders develop both hazard perception and bike handling choices that suit hazardous situations.

Here are some of the hazards we’d appreciate Bike North members photographing and submitting to the collection, but it is not meant to be an exhaustive list:

  • sand on a path;
  • embedded metal tram tracks or historic rail tracks;
  • tracks with a sheen of water on them; e.g., after rain;
  • surface of the ground next to the path is lower leaving a higher concrete edge;
  • water across a path;
  • short, sharp pinch hill – if you haven’t changed down gears you may suddenly get stuck part way up;
  • patch of gravel – particularly on a corner;
  • pothole;
  • driveway lip on a path entrance (rather than pram ramp);
  • poorly placed bollard or barrier; 
  • linear gap in road that a skinny tyre could get stuck in;
  • where concrete has lifted, making a defined edge between different levels on a path or road;
  • poor sight lines or a blind corner on a path; or
  • a path besides an unfenced children’s playground.

Each photo needs to make the hazard self-explanatory, and may include a bike with or without a rider.

We’ll put a up a selection of the images each week via the Bike North website, look for the side bar and follow the link.

When submitting your photos to, include information about each photo: i.e., filename, location of photo, and hazard that is illustrated. For example: IMG_2127.jpg, M4 path church St underpass,  sand on path.

Remember: the more photos you submit, the better the cycling skills materials we can make.

Please take care and remain safe when taking the photos.

Click on any photo on this page to see a large version. You can take part in leaving a Wow! on anything you are disgruntled about, though this is not about shaming, rather collecting hazards to use for education.