Would you like to cycle in Italy with Italians?

So how might this be possible? Bike North is affiliated with Amici della Bicicletta di Verona (AdB) which is a similar organisation to us, but across the globe.

This affiliation offers Bike North members the chance to meet and cycle with very friendly local cyclists when in northern Italy. To find out more about AdB di Verona, check out their website.

If your Italian language is not up to par yet we suggest you translate the page.

UPDATE : We have just received photos from a Spring 2014 ride. Have a look at this magnificent riding in our photo gallery.

AdB have a link to their rides calendar (Calendario) on the top menu which gives information about all their rides including grades and distances.  Upcoming events (prossime iniziative) are highlighted on the left side by date.

Lake Como

They also have links on the GPSies web site for GPS routes for rides in the area.  See the list here:

AbB Verona are part of the FIAB (Italian federation) so you can find dozens of other groups all over Italy listed on the FIAB groups web page:

FIAB are in turn part of the European Cyclists Federation so you can follow links to any part of Europe.


Ciclovacanzas or Bicycle Holidays

If you are travelling all the way to Italy then you should look at their multi-day “bicycle holidays”.

Our Bike North AdB liaison is Liz Gill who says:

“The best thing is their ciclovacanzas. Ian and I are booked to do the Basilicata Coast to Coast ride on 24 April to 3 May. This will be our third ciclovacanza with them and they are a not to be missed experience. They are very well organised and go to some amazing places, so you see Italy through the eyes of Italians and with Italians. There are always people who speak good English and those willing to coax you in Italian. Ian and I can’t wait to get back and cycle with them again, as even their weekend rides are fantastic and there is so much to see in Verona and its surrounds.”


In addition to the AdB Verona trips there are many others offered by other AdBs. For example AdB Siena are running a holiday to the Croatian islands in mid June 2014.

Colle delle Finestre

Contacts in Verona, Italy

While Liz is the Bike North liaison for AdB in Sydney, they have nominated a contact for us over there who is Donata Avesani. Donata is very helpful and speaks good English. For more information about AdB Verona, or cycling in Italy send Donata an email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.