New Zealand has many great cycling attractions, and Bike North has several members with extensive NZ cycling experience.

Northern waterway on the South Island

Are you thinking of riding there, perhaps on an organised tour?  Have you considered doing your own ride there, self-supported?  Do you want to incorporate some short cycling highlights in an NZ driving tour?

On this page, you will find some resources distilled from the NZ experiences of some Bike North members. For example, here are some tips on where, how, when and what to ride, provided by Richard Kelly.

Mountain Bike Rides

New Zealand is a mountain bike rider’s paradise, with many MTB Parks, rides from town and return, downhill rides, point to point rides, wilderness rides and bikepacking routes. If you are keen to sample the many MTB experiences, you’ll love this overview, provided by Greg Pointing.

Cycle Trails

There are hundreds of cycle trails in New Zealand.  One good place to start planning is by reviewing the many “Great” Cycle Trails, listed in Here is a sample of YouTube videos, one per Great Trail. 

NZ North Island ‘Great’ Trails

Twin Coast

Hauraki Rail

Waikato River


Whakarewarewa Forest

Hawke’s Bay

Great Lake


Mountains to Sea


NZ South Island ‘Great’ Trails

Queen Charlotte

For more information about the Queen Charlotte Track, see pages 7 and 8 of this excellent resource, provided by Greg Pointing.


Tasman’s Great Taste

The Old Ghost Road 

For more information about the The Old Ghost Road, see pages 9 and 10 of this excellent resource, provided by Greg Pointing.

West Coast Wilderness

For more information about the West Coast Wilderness Tour, see this excellent resource, provided by Ian Meller.

St James

Alps 2 Ocean

For more information about the Alps 2 Ocean Tour, see this excellent resource, also provided by Ian Meller.

Lake Dunstan

Otago Central Rail

Roxburgh Gorge

Clutha Gold 


Around the Mountains


Thank you, Natalie Cleary, Richard Kelly, Greg Pointing, Ian Meller, Laura Cunningham, Mark Reynolds and Phill Hart for being panellists on our 2022 New Zealand Cycling Forum evening. Thank you Richard, Ian and Greg for providing resources listed above.

Special thanks to Oz-NZ Wanderer, whose undying enthusiasm and energy led to the creation and compilation of these resources.