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Hornsby Shire Council

Website: http://www.hornsby.nsw.gov.au
Email: hsc@hornsby.nsw.gov.au
Phone: (02) 9847 6666

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Draft Hornsby Town Centre Master Plan
Bicycle Paths and Trails

The Hornsby Working Group has been regularly corresponding with Hornsby Councillors and Council officers to advocate for the infrastructure needs of bicycle users in Hornsby Shire. Our focus is on encouraging Council – and where necessary the TfNSW and Sydney Trains – to facilitate bicycle use within Hornsby Shire for transport and recreation. The  uptake of bicycles for transport by members of the general public will only occur when they feel confident that local cycling infrastructure is safe, convenient and useful. 

Key projects include the Epping to Pennant Hills Cycleway and important new Shared User Paths near the Hornsby CBD. 

Bike North Submits Comments on Draft Hornsby Town Centre Masterplan

Hornsby Council recently put out its draft Town Centre Masterplan for commentary  by the community.

The Council’s vision is for Hornsby to be ‘a place for people that reflects the uniqueness of the bushland setting, integrated around key public spaces, where the city meets the bush. An active, thriving centre that exhibits economic diversity, design excellence, liveability and sustainability. ‘

The Masterplan and its supplementary Transport and Landscape plans offer exciting ideas about what the town centre and its immediate environment might look like. With significant change, however, comes significant challenges and the opportunity for things to go awry.

The residential population of the area in question is currently just under 500 people but with an increase in residential high rise in the CBD will quickly grow to 11 500! … Read more

Bike North Contributes to Resolution of Issues for Cyclists in Hornsby Shire

Bike North advocacy convenors rely on close dialogue with councillors to ensure that concerns of cyclists and issues in infrastructure are on the agenda.

In August this year, Bike North wrote to all the newly elected Hornsby Shire Councillors and the Mayor specifically noting the lack of any Active Transport Committee or active transport representation on the local Traffic Committee in Hornsby Shire.

As a result, we were concerned that, without an ongoing dialogues:

–  there are many opportunities for active transport pro-activity being missed

– project targets are possibly being mis-directed and

– dormant, useful infrastructure is not being utilised to its full potential (e.g. … Read more