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Small wins add up to a better outcome


Next time you ride along the Parramatta River cycleway - notice the two smooth transitions between path and road in Lancaster Ave. They were upgraded as a result of Bike North advocacy to Council. Thanks to David Edwards of the Ryde Working Group for the photos and advocacy work.

Did you know the design standard for a ramp on a shared path is different than a ramp for a driveway? The lip on a driveway can be a cycling hazard for bikes approaching at an angle so bike paths should have a smooth ramp. If they don't we ask for them to be installed.

The advocacy process means bringing an issue to Council's attention, explaining why it is an issue and what a reasonable remedy is then being pleasantly persistent to make sure it gets on the work list. Finally when the work has been done to send an acknowledgment to Council.

There are roles for all bike riders in advocacy particularly joining Bike North and then your local area work group. Or simpley take a photo and write as a local resident about issues or improvements.

Making cycling better


As we come towards the end of another year it is time to reflect on our goal of "making cycling better in northern Sydney".

Our rides program with about 7 rides each week of all different grades is our major visible activity. It provides incentive and encouragement to ride as well as teaching people how to ride better and the best cycling routes in our areas. More people are riding outside our rides program as well, riding for fitness and transport.

Less visible is our cycle promotion and advocacy work were we engage with local and state government to bring about improvements for bike riders. New or updated bike plans, new paths, new bike lanes and better planning for bikes everywhere is our goal. Many cyclists ride on our facilities without giving a thought to how they came into existence and often cycle advocates were involved.

We are always looking for members to step up and "make cycling better" so if you want to make a difference in cycling This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and see how you can join in.


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