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The Annual Bike North AGM will be held at the Hill Pavilion, Bicentennial Park on Sunday 20th August.

The pavilion is conveniently close to Lillies Café (now called Waterview Cafe), so early birds can recharge before the AGM formalities at 12.00. Several rides have been arranged to reach the AGM with time for recovery and coffee! After the reports and awards, the Executive Committee will be elected.

These will be the people who will be responsible for running and organising Bike North for the following year. We encourage all members to come along and to have a say! The meeting will be after a catered lunch which will be served from 11.30am.
The lunch is open to members and non members alike. Many will have arrived on one of the Big Rides Day rides, so the AGM and lunch should be a great mix of regular BN riders, family members, visitors or new comers, all congregating with their appetites.

Finally, a request from the BN Executive Committee: Could all riders wear their older BN jerseys to the AGM, so they can be included in photographs with BN members modelling the NEW BN JERSEY! This jersey redesign has been a long time in the making, and will be on display at the AGM. Members will be able to see the final design, feel the different fabrics available and determine what size they wish to order. The Agenda for the AGM here.


    * Rides in Red have been cancelled

TdC 2016 grey day