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Bike North AGM and Big Ride Day,17th of August. 2014-06-25

Well that time of year is fast approaching. The Heron Pavilion at Bicentennial Park has been booked and ride leaders are starting to plan their rides for the day. Jump on to Facebook and leave some comments about what rides you would like to do.

It’s a great day and a rare chance to catch up with all your fellow members in one place

Bike North Ride of the Month. 2014-06-11

Every month Bike North will be holding a ride of the month. You may have seen the first two in the newsletters. They will normally be medium rides and are designed to encourage a larger than normal member turn out. Everyone is encouraged to turn up and catch up on a classic BN ride. Watch for the first newsletter every month and book it in. We are happy to take suggestions on what you think would be a great ride for us to include.

Swing tag You Ride You Rock

Bike North Supports You Ride You Rock. 2014-06-02

Bicycle NSW are currently having a promotion on membership with 10% discount available. This has been promoted via a "swing tag" campaign with You Ride You Rock tag summarising the benefits of riding a bike and joining BNSW. There are prizes to win before June 30.

More information bicyclensw.org.au

BNCC Photos in our Gallery. 2014-05-05

Photos from our recent BNCC event are now in our photo gallery. Photos can be viewed at sizes you select and you can download as well.

While you are there have a look at our other pictures. Select from our albums at the left. (TdC photos will be posted as soon as we can.)

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