Autumn Classics Weekend: Bike North

A cycling / sightseeing visit to Canberra.

Held Friday May 12th - Saturday May 13th - Sunday May 14th 2017


BN contact – Alison Pryor   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  ph 0438171484


Explore Canberra by bike.  Combine recreational rides with some visits to some of the national capitals attractions. Rides will be at a gentle pace – with the whole point being to have a look around while we ride.


Route Summary


Cycling & Activities

Friday May 12th

Travel to Canberra - Own transport arrangements drive or train .

For those in Canberra for the Friday afternoon ride option (meeting 2.30pm) through in the National University and City areas of Canberra. 20km

Saturday May 13th

Ride 50km: Suburban Greenery: Through the parliamentary area and south western suburbs to Lake Tuggeranong then ride north to using the cycle paths to either the National Arboretum or the National Botanical Garden for lunch.


The afternoon will be spent at the National Museum – there is a special exhibition ‘Freewheeling’ on cycling and social history.

Sunday May 14th

Ride: Lakeland Artistic Endeavours  30km.

Loops the Central and Eastern segments of Lake Burley Griffin – passing most of the civic buildings of Canberra.

Coffee at the tramway markets and a visit to an exhibition at one of the national art institutions.  


















These will be led rides and conducted under the ride protocols of bike north with a sign on sheet, briefing at the start etc. Routes are mostly cycle paths with some on road cycle lanes. All are on published and marked cycle routes of Canberra.


Rides will leave from Acton ferry terminal. As these are relaxed autumn oriented rides - the briefings for the weekend morning rides will be at 8.45am for 9am start.




Riders must be 18years and over. Restricted to members of BN. (got friend who wants to come with you – easy- have them join BN $35).





To register – send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Normal on bike requirements, warm clothing for on and off the bike. Include a wet weather jacket if forecast include showers.


Shoes: As there are stops at parks, galleries, markets etc planned for these rides think about shoes that will be okay to walk in as well as ride in – or carry shoes on the ride to change in to.


Bring a bike lock.


If you plan to use your bike for evening transport – make sure you have lights on your bike.



Breakfasts up to you (there are cafés and a small supermarket across from the suggested accommodation)

Coffee stops and lunch on Saturday will be included on the rides.


There will be an option to do group booking at a restaurant for the Friday night and ‘eat in’ on the Saturday evening meal, or do your own thing.



Transport to and from Canberra will generally be the responsibility of participants.


-          Drive: car pool with other participants - petrol cost shared.

-          rail passenger pay direct to country link – Sydney – Canberra

-          eg  on Fridays  there are 2 trains

Transporting bikes:

1)    Carpool: workout how many bikes can be taken on the car.

2)    Train. XPT trains have a limit on the number of bicycles that can be booked on XPT trains (5). Bikes need to be booked, boxed (or bike bag) and checked in on the day.


If you are looking for a lift or need a bike transported Alison can email the request to the other participants to see what offers might be available.



The accommodation closest to the start of the rides at Action ferry Terminal is BreakFree Capital Tower Canberra serviced apartment style 3½ - 4star.  There will be at least 1 suite booked with a kitchen to have base.  However you are free to book accommodation in Canberra that suits your needs and budget.  In previous years riders have also stayed at Australian National University accommodation, caravan park,  family / friends etc.