How can you contribute to Bike North?

As usual the Bike North Annual General Meeting will be held in August (Sunday 18 August this year).  This is the occasion to elect a new Executive to manage Bike North’s affairs for the following 12 months.  We do have some defined roles (President, Secretary and Treasurer) which are specifically mentioned in our Constitution but we can be flexible in the other roles.  If we wish we could have members on the Executive without portfolio.  We always value new ideas and suggestions.

We have around 500 members making Bike North the largest BUG (Bicycle User Group) in NSW.  With our Executive, Rides Committee, Ride Leaders, Advocacy Coordinators and Social Committee – all volunteers –  we have around 50 members helping make Bike North what it is.

If you are one of the other 450, how would you like to contribute?

If you would like to discuss how you may help please contact Bike North President, Tom Rubin –