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Off Road Cycling Resources – Part 3

Here is another article in our series about resources that help us plan our riding off-road.  So far, we have looked at AllTrails, the NPWS site and Epic Ride Weather.  In this article, we dive into Trailforks.

Most Mountain Bike (MTB) enthusiasts know about Trailforks (  All the major MTB parks are in it.  On the map, just look for the dense spaghetti-knots of MTB tracks.  Anyone for berms and drops?

But more than that, it is chock-full of other off-road routes that people have ridden already, for you to enjoy.  It’s like coming down to the tree on Christmas morning: so many goodies, just waiting to be opened! … Read more

But where were their bikes?

The Parramatta Park Parade was a little different in a few ways this week.

Brian Lynne took the group of ten on an extended ride to Lake Parramatta, for coffee, looking out over the lake. Then when returning via Olympic Park, they found themselves in the middle of Comic-Con, with lots of exotically dressed attendees. Ideas for a new Bike North Kit? … Read more

Spot the City and Country

Our Foreign Correspondents are busy riding across continents, sending tempting images of places many of us would like to see. Here’s one to test your language and detective skills. Intrigued? Come back next week for some insights!!!! … Read more

News article deadline

Bike North members are keen to hear about your rides and ideas. Send your article, either in the email or an attached Word document, and images, preferably landscape rather than portrait if possible (jpeg files please) to by 4pm each Tuesday for publication in our weekly Bike North News. Thanks – Di Lawrence, Editor … Read more

Discount on membership with Bicycle NSW for Bike North members

Do you know that membership with Bike North entitles you to a 15% discount on your membership with Bicycle NSW?  Use code BIKENORTH23 when you join or renew.  Bicycle NSW members receive global, comprehensive (personal accident and public liability) rider insurance and a range of other benefits as well as advocacy and legal support.  … Read more

Foreign Correspondent – Pedalling in London

When your photo stream of European travel is full of palaces, medieval cities and cycling infrastructure you know you are a Bike North member! I’m one of a number of Bike North foreign correspondents this season traveling in Europe about to meetup soon in Austria for a Bike North Tour. Doing my own travel beforehand, it has been relatively easy do some impromptu day cycling in places.

In London for a few days included hiring Transport for London (TfL) Santander red bikes – which are solid serviceable 3 gear bikes (you won’t break any speed records) with adjustable seat height and a front bag rack with a strap. … Read more

Another Foreign Correspondent – Important Message for Riders?

“This bus shelter was my morning tea stop as I approached Hamburg today, giving me comfort, art and wisdom.”

In case it is difficult to decipher, the words in German are:

 “Ob wir das Ziel unserer Reise erreichen hängt nicht von der Geschwindigkeit ab, sondorn davon, ob die Richtung stimmt.”. 

Google Translate says this means “Whether we reach the destination of our journey does not depend on the speed, but rather on whether the direction is correct.”

Richard Kelly – Oz Wanderer … Read more

Off-road cycling resources – Part 2

This is the second article in our series about some of the resources that help us plan our riding off-road.  In Part 1, we looked at AllTrails and the NPWS site.  In this article, we find out the changing weather and track conditions for our ride, using Epic Ride Weather.

Evolving weather conditions: Epic Ride Weather

How will the weather develop while we are out on our ride?  When is rain likely to hit?  How hot will it be later?  And importantly, what will the wind be doing when we get tired towards the end of the ride? … Read more

Active Transport in Ku-ring-gai

Ku-ring-gai Council‘s Active Transport Reference Committee held its first meeting today.  Importantly this is the first group ever formed to address active transport in Ku-ring-gai and the first bike-related committee in ten years.  The Committee consists of Community representatives, Councillors, and Council staff.  The Committee has come about entirely because of Bike North efforts in lobbying candidates before the last election and lobbying councillors, once the new council was in place.  

The first meeting was productive, with resolutions for immediate action in the  promotion of e-bikes and active transport. Longer term goals include programmes to get school kids riding and walking to school,  and making it safer and easier for the public to take short trips for example to the shops or train station by walking or cycling. … Read more

Not yet a member of Bike North’s Ride with GPS Club?

We’ve heard some great stories and tips about Ride with GPS recently . . . so have you joined up?

You can join for free access to Bike North’s route library, download offline maps, access turn-by-turn navigation and more! What more could you want!

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Sarah Gillis … Read more