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A brand new Sydney cycleway!

It was very exciting to be one of the first people to ride up and down a gorgeous new piece of shared walking path and cycleway, right near the geographic centre of Sydney. Bike North was there, as the project owners took us on a ‘soft launch’ ride along beside the new Carlingford-Parramatta light rail.  We enjoyed riding with TfNSW staff and our colleagues from Bicycle New South Wales and CAMWEST.

Altogether the cycleway is 5.7 kilometres from Carlingford to Parramatta, with numerous entry/exit points along the way.  We joined the path at the south end of Alfred St bridge (you pass under that bridge on the ride along the river out to Parramatta).  … Read more

Ride with GPS – it’s so smart!

Do you want to know how to get to the start of your next Bike North ride – on two wheels?

Ride with GPS can find the quickest and safest way!!

Or, you want to ride to a new location, but don’t know which way to go? Ride with GPS seems to know all the best bike routes, and the most scenic!

Let’s say you are going from the north to Marrickville to try some authentic Vietnamese or Greek fare. You simply tell Ride with GPS that your start point is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and your end point is Marrickville. … Read more

Willoughby Advisory Committee – Call for feedback on current bike routes or potential opportunities

The inaugural meeting of the Willoughby Council Active and Integrated Advisory Committee was held in May.  This is the replacement of long standing Bicycle Committee. Bike North members on this committee include Steph Croft, Wendy Jannings, Mary Ann Irvin, Andrew Nelson and Carolyn New.  Steph was elected as Chair and the committee will be meeting monthly this year. Initial homework is development of spreadsheet of feedback on bicycle routes and potential opportunities in Willoughby. 

The committee members welcome any feedback from Bike North members on Willoughby bike routes. You can send to / advise any of the Bike North Advisory Committee members or to more

Bike North members thanked!

After the Big Rides Day some of our members witnessed an accident involving a cyclist (not a member) who was injured. They rendered help in several ways and the words below were emailed to Bike North.

“Dearest Bike North,

       On Sunday 21 May I was involved in a fairly nasty Cycle accident on the Parramatta Park cycle path. I was hit by a car that turned in front of me and as a result I ended up with some pretty serious injuries. Mainly to my left arm ( a complicated fracture I think it’s called now; when the bone comes out through the skin).  … Read more

Bike Maintenance – Free Workshop TOMORROW 

Trek Store Turramurra is holding a free workshop for Bike North members on the basics of bike maintenance at 5pm THIS THURSDAY, 9 June.  

Do you have a maintenance issue you want discussed?  Come along.  As this session is only for Bike North members, we can change the program to suit.  

The standard session will include:

– Drive train degrease and lubrication best practice

– Best tyre pressure and how to protect your rims

– Pre-ride ‘nuts and bolts’ check

– Knowing what tool is right for your bike

– How to know your bike is ready for a service

– Bike-washing best practice. … Read more

What to consider when getting fitter

One of our members spotted this article which we found to be fascinating so we thought we would share it with acknowledgement to the author and publication.

Is the way you exercise endangering your health?

By Peta Bee – The Times, 6 June 2023

In the latest study to track the middle-age Lycra-clad brigade, researchers at the University of Leicester found that runners, cyclists, swimmers and triathletes who had trained and competed, even in local recreational events, for several years were more at risk of developing atrial fibrillation (AF), a condition that occurs when electrical impulses that trigger heart muscle contractions misfire chaotically, causing an erratic heartbeat. … Read more

Discount on membership with Bicycle NSW for Bike North members

Do you know that membership with Bike North entitles you to a 15% discount on your membership with Bicycle NSW?  Use code BIKENORTH23 when you join or renew.  Bicycle NSW members receive global, comprehensive (personal accident and public liability) rider insurance and a range of other benefits as well as advocacy and legal support.  … Read more

More ways to enjoy the excitement of Bike North

Last week I shared with you some opportunities for you to connect with like-minded people, develop some new friendships, build extra richness into your life, and give back to the community: as Treasurer, Coaching Coordinator, or IT Coordinator.  (Here is that article again.)  We still have some vacancies with those three opportunities, so please contact me if you’d like to discuss them (  Thank you to everyone who has contacted me already.

Here are three more, that don’t involve your becoming part of the Executive Committee:

1. Help us advocate for improved cycling conditions – this is your chance to make a difference in your electorate or across greater Sydney and beyond.  … Read more

Why and how to Deregister from Rides

If you can’t join a ride that you have registered for please deregister from that ride so someone else can take that place.

We live in a busy world and plans often change, so you might have to deregister from a ride for which you have registered.  Please deregister as soon as possible before a ride, at least 24 hours if not longer.  This will allow time for other riders to register if the ride was full.

There will be the odd occasion when you have to cancel on the day or within 24 hours due to a reasonable excuse such as sickness or an emergency.  … Read more

Big Night and Big Prize

As members of Bike North, we all share a common spirit, regardless of age, gender, backgrounds, and current lifestyles. We share bicycle-related ideas, discussions and journeys and then pass on our experiences to others.

A natural extension of this thread that binds us together is the Big Bike Film Night (BBFN)!

Big Bike Film Night – Australia – Big Bike Film Night

BBFN is a collection of short films from all over the world which “are original, informative, entertaining and most importantly of all – inspirational”.

The films are not limited in focus to particular styles of cycling, such as touring, mountain biking or unicycles. … Read more