Proposed Willoughby Shared Path Pacific Highway

Please show your support for Willoughby Council’s proposed shared path along the Pacific Highway between Mowbray Road and St Leonards Station.  You can complete the survey at or send an email to  Consultations ends this Friday 17 May but Heather will still accept any emails she receives by start of business on Monday 21 May.

This 3 metre wide shared path connects to the Naremburn – North Ryde cycleway and thereby extends off-road cycling access directly to Chatswood, St Leonards, North Sydney TAFE and the Royal North Shore and Private Hospitals.  It also enable safe connections to be made between other cycling routes on both the Willoughby and Lane Cove side of the Pacific Highway.

Most of this path has very low pedestrian use and few driveways and while we would all prefer a separated, rather than shared, bike route this is not possible at this time.  This facility will be attractive to the 60% of the population who are ‘interested and concerned’ and who would never consider riding on the Pacific Highway Road.  The more bike riders representing the whole community, the better the cycling environment generally will become in Sydney. By all means make suggestions of how this shared path can be the best possible, but please show your support for the concept.

Advocacy Working Groups: Willoughby

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