Vanishing Point (Part 2)

Following on from the Bike North News item of the 8th May, 2019 about the vanishing cycle lane on the east (southbound) side of the old Pacific Highway approaching Asquith, the RMS has confirmed our suspicion that the shortening/removal of the cycle lane shoulder is only a temporary measure. Their reply on the 14 May, 2019 included the following explanation :-

“ Thank you for your email regarding the line marking on Pacific Highway near Amor Street, Asquith.

Line marking along the Pacific Highway, north of Amor Street, Asquith has been temporarily changed to allow drainage and pavement works on a nearby development.

The line marking is expected to return to its original configuration in around eight to ten weeks, weather permitting.”

As advised in our original News item, all cyclists should continue to exercise extreme caution when riding in this area and Bike North will continue to monitor the foreshadowed line marking reinstatement in coming months.

Justin Holmwood [28.5.19]