Sydney Metro Northwest – Infrastructure

Bike North was involved from the very start of the new Metro. Thanks to the work put in by Doug Stewart, Justin Holmwood and Phil Griffith, cyclists have been considered in the design from day one and it shows at all the new stations.

Whilst the Norwest Metro could only design and build in the station precincts, in cooperation with The Hills Council, bike paths have been developed which allow cyclists to ride the length of the elevated section and so provide easy access to stations. There are still issues accessing Cherrybrook, Castle Hill and Norwest, due to the lack of suitable bike paths but Bike North is continuing to advocate for these paths to be developed. In our survey, we rode from Tallawong to Bella Vista Stations without leaving a bike path.

Once at the stations, cyclists can take their bikes on the train, lock them in bike storage racks or against “D” stands which are all under cover. Details on the bike sheds are available at Storage is free and access is via your Opal Card once you have linked it, but when Bike North visited all the bike sheds on Monday 27th May, the card access had not been set up and the sheds were open. Sheds and “D” stands are all well located, possibly with the exception of The Hills Showground Station where the storage shed is across a side street.

There are lifts at every station and they are deep enough to take bikes!

The Metro is a major piece of infrastructure for Sydney and hopefully the bike facilities will encourage more people to commute to the station by bike.

Brian Lynne