M2 access from Pennant Hills Road

For a number of years now Bike North has been involved in the development of the cycling interface with the M2 tollway and more recently with the M1/M2 Tunnel project. In particular, former Bike North President Doug Stewart worked closely with project engineers to ensure safe and effective design of the cycling approaches and exits from Pennant Hills Road to the M2 near the NorthConnex southern portal and, more recently, Brian Lynne has liaised with the NorthConnex team and Parramatta Council to resolve a ‘last minute’ M2 westbound cycling access issue that arose near the southern portal during 2017/18.

In brief, riders travelling north through Carlingford in the Pennant Hills road area who want to join the M2 cycleway westbound will be able to enter the M2 from an access ramp (see photo above) from Oakes Road Carlingford just south of the Oakes Road tunnel under the M2.

For riders travelling in the opposite direction from the Pennant Hills Road area wanting to join the M2 westbound, construction of a dedicated cycleway over the westbound M2 vehicle on-ramp is also underway. Further advances with these projects will be reported in the future.

Justin Holmwood – 5 June, 2019

Advocacy Working Groups: Hornsby, Parramatta

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