Esplanade deceleration

In recent years Bike North’s Hornsby advocacy working group has been pressuring Council and the RMS to implement measures to make the cycle lane in The Esplanade, Thornleigh, from Duffy Avenue to Thornleigh Station, less threatening to users. In particular, the Hornsby Working Group has argued for a reduction in the speed limit applicable on that stretch of road from 60 kph down  to 50 kph. Cyclists have long felt intimidated by The Esplanade’s fast moving traffic which, on its bends, routinely encroaches into the cycle lanes on either side of the road. Council’s view, on the other hand, has been that The Esplanade is a key sub-arterial road in Hornsby Council’s Road Hierarchy Plan and, as such, has insisted that the Esplanade’s posted speed limit of 60 kmh was consistent with other such roads in the Shire. Council has further argued that :-

“reduction of speed limit on main roads is likely to have a detrimental effect on traffic capacity and will adversely impact on the surrounding road network” and that 

“A minority of drivers have a disregard for traffic regulations, including speed limits and keeping clear of cyclists. This is a driver behaviour issue that can only be addressed through enforcement by NSW Police “ .

Finally it seems someone in either the Council or the RMS or both has seen sense and the speed limit on The Esplanade, in the area of greatest concern for cyclists, has recently been reduced to 50 kph. Bike North welcomes this development and thanks those involved in the decision to lower the speed limit.

Justin Holmwood , 11 June 2019

Advocacy Working Groups: Hornsby

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