Sydney Morning Herald article

A big THANK YOU to Carolyn New for responding to the enquiry from the Sydney Morning Herald about cycling access to the Harbour Bridge and Bike North’s views on how Councils can respond to the welcome increase in bicycle use during these COVID-19 days:  The Committee for Sydney described the idea of an additional cycle lane across the Bridge as “a fantastic idea”.  Transport for NSW was not so positive with a spokesperson saying it was not looking at closing a lane on the Sydney Harbour Bridge to traffic for cyclists.  A North Sydney Council spokesperson said it would be ”open to consult” with Transport NSW and Bike North on the potential for the dedicated bike lane.

Darryn Capes-Davis, our Communications Manager, has launched three new website articles urging members to lobby for improved cycling communities for the community:

Please do your bit, lobby your Council, your local member of the NSW Parliament, join your local Bike North advocacy group: see

Tom Rubin

President, Bike North