Go Solo Ride Competition – We Have a Winner!!

Congratulations to Trevor Nash and Pauline Evans!

The voting was close but Trevor emerged the winner of our of Bike North’s inaugural photo competition with his photo “That was then, this is now” gaining the majority of votes. Not far behind was Pauline Evans’ photo “I wonder where Strava is”.

Trevor’s photo, taken at a gelateria in Croydon Park, was one of the first submissions for week one of the competition, and is clearly suggestive of the coronavirus pandemic: a selfie (a solo ride) of someone wearing a face mask. It also captures a telling contrast with the shop’s mural of a happy, relaxed family outing. Plus there’s a Bike North jersey and a bike!

Congratulations again, Trevor – I hope you enjoy making use of the $99 voucher donated to Bike North by 99 Bikes.

Weekly winners: If you have not yet obtained your Bike North water bottle, just contact Lyness at secretary@bikenorth.org.au.

And “Thank you” to Clive Saunders (he is “photos@bikenorth.org.au”) for making the competition happen.

Thank you again to our ride leaders – and a request to all our members

We now have an increasing number of rides on our Calendar, almost every day this week. Thank you, ride leaders! And thank you also for observing the protocols we introduced to keep us all as safe as we can during the COVID-19 period.

Many of you will have noticed, and some members have commented, that rides are quickly filling up given the current limit of 10 participants. Please – if you have registered for a ride and then find that you cannot participate – let the ride leader know immediately. Ride leaders often have a “waiting list” of people who would like to join the ride should there be a vacancy. Please do not simply fail to appear at the start of the ride. This is not fair to your fellow members and has already happened in a couple of instances I know of since we resumed our rides program.

Tom Rubin