JP services at North Rocks Shopping Centre

The NSW Justices Association has operated a community desk every Saturday morning at North Rocks Shopping Centre for almost 20 years. In recent years the service has been coordinated by Bike North Ride Leader Brian Lynne. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all such JP community desks across NSW were closed in March. The Cumberland Branch of the NSWJA, is pleased to announce that the free JP service will recommence operations from Saturday 4th July, 2020 between the hours of 10am and 12 noon. Special protocols have been introduced to protect both the JP volunteers and clients but we ask that you do not approach the desk if you are unwell, social distancing of 1.5m be observed at all times and that only the individual who requires the JP service approach the desk. This is not a family outing. Should you require any further information, please contact the North Rocks Desk Coordinator, Brian Lynne, at or call 0408 617 801.

Brian also has provided JP services to Bike North members outside the desk hours  and welcomes enquiries from the membership.