NorthConnex Cycling Infrastructure

It’s not every day that you get to use new cycling infrastructure, even before it’s opened, but that’s what five Bike North members were able to do last Friday, 4th September.

Ever since the NorthConnex tunnel was announced, a number of Bike North members, including Life Member, Doug Stewart, have been liaising with the construction company and councils  to bring about infrastructure that could allow cyclists to safety and efficiently move through this major interchange. That’s not easy, given the various entry, exit and M2 through lanes involved. Bike North is confident that members, and cyclists in general who use the M2, will be very impressed by the end result.

Last Friday, Darryn Capes-Davis, Linda Gock, Terry O’Halloran, Carol Lee (with her pride and joy, Chloe) and I suited up in Bike North jerseys and assisted Transurban to shoot a video aimed at educating cyclists on accessing, and using, the new overhead bridge, west bound, plus the cantilevered cycleway and culvert, east bound. It was a bit of fun, riding up and down for the camera but it also allowed us to preview the result of cooperative involvement.

We are still awaiting an opening date, which can’t be too far in the future. In the meantime, you’ll just have to be patient and I’ll have to enjoy my first Strava KOM until others can use this important addition to Sydney’s cycling infrastructure.

Brian Lynne