March 2021 Canberra and Snowy Valleys Tour

Whilst Sydney was soaking wet, a merry group of Bike North members rolled out to venture South under the auspices of Alison Pryor.

Our first two days were spent sightseeing Canberra precincts by bike, which must be the cyclist ultimate dream – no drivers with attitude, wide roads, well signed bike lanes or separated lanes from traffic and drivers who even stopped for bikes to cross pedestrian crossings.

We moved on to spend two days in Tumut, riding rural townships, the Rivers and up to Blowering Dam, quite a feat.

Then two days spent in Tumbarumba, which included riding the first NSW Rail Trail, Tumbarumba to Rosewood. Hurray!

One optional morning ride needed to be cancelled due to dirt/mud track, otherwise all rides went ahead as planned with no heavy rain experienced whilst riding. The cooler climes made for excellent paced cycling. The region is just in the process of turning to Autumn shades with some spectacular country sights. What is particularly good value in these regions is that they offer much more than fine riding with so much history to explore.

Quite a nature study too… camels, sheep, cattle, donkeys, goats, horses, ducks, llama, chicken with feathery feet, black swamp wallaby, small kangaroos, white herons, echidna x1 plus 1x road kill wombat, corellas, cockatoos and many species of parrot.

Thank you, Alison for putting on a great Canberra and Snowy Valleys Tour. We had fun.

Wendy Jannings