Community Cycling Instructor Course

AusCycling is offering a 50% discount for enrolments in the national Community Instructor Course. The course is offered 100% online and is the base requirement for completing any higher level coaching education, in any cycling discipline. The Community Instructor course (Course Overview) is suitable for any one interested in contributing to the skill level of riders in Bike North, or the wider the community. For those members who complete the course Bike North will reimburse the remaining 50% of the cost of the training. For those who complete the course there are opportunities to add to the coaching and skill development areas of Bike North through one of the community skills classes we run with a local council, working with an individuals wanting to improve specific cycling skills, ride with member who are stepping up to a new level. Instructor and coaching education programs are run by AusCyling the national cycling sport organisation, to complete the courses your would need to be a Bike North Premium Member or become one – this membership level has membership of AusCycling linked. Contact Alison via for more information or the discount code if you are registering for the course.