Pacific Highway Shared Path Urgent Update

Council Meeting Agenda 27 September, 2021
As reported earlier this month, the North Sydney Traffic Committee has heard your concerns about their intentions to remove bike riders from the shared path between Arthur Street and Blue Street. The formal minutes are now available and are reported to the Council meeting to be held on Monday 27 September for Council’s approval. These items cannot go ahead until that approval. The recommendations are:

22. That Council acknowledges communication by local cyclists expressing their dissatisfaction;
23. That the implementation of items 3-5 of the resolution on item 5.4 from the 23 July 2021 Traffic Committee meeting be delayed until February 2022;
24. That Council immediately erects signage and footpath stencils instructing cyclists to ‘!SLOW’ and 10kph speed advisory at this location;
25. That the Mayor and Councillor Keen writes to Bike North and to all submitters on the matter to promote the intent of the resolution to change behaviour and increase awareness of pedestrians in the area.

Bike North supports items 22, 24 and 25 but have severe reservations about item 23. While the delay in implementation is appreciated, it does not solve the longer term issue. The alternative route proposed along Lavender Street is unsafe and completely unsuitable, not just now, but also next year. There is no doubt that a separated bike path and footpath is needed in place of the shared path and greater awareness of the shared use by bike riders and pedestrians is the only solution until that is completed. Attempting to ban bike riders will not solve the problem.

You can express your positive thoughts to the Council Meeting about items 22, 24 and 25 of this recommendation as well as politely request replacement of item 23 with a recommendation that Council work with Transport for NSW on the design and build of a safe and separated alternative bike path that will benefit both walkers and bike riders. To do this you need to email before 4pm on Monday 27 September. You should reference Council Meeting Agenda 27th September, Item 7.1 Traffic Committee report Items 22-25.

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