Important Notice to members

Bike North Inc

Notice of Special General MeetingConstitutional Up-Date

11:30am, Sunday 27 November, 2022Wentworth Common, Sydney Olympic Park

Bike North Inc is registered under the NSW Department of Fair Trading and with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission. Our current Constitution was based on a Model Constitution developed by the NSW Department of Fair Trading in 2018.

Since our Constitution was adopted there have been numerous changes to the Model Constitution. Whilst these are mainly procedural in nature (e.g. changes to NSW Government Department names), it is an opportune time to up-date our Constitution.

The Executive Committee has reviewed the Model Constitution and determined that a number of areas do not meet the current needs of Bike North. For example,

* The Model Constitution does not allow for the Executive Committee numbers we have operated with for many years. We are proposing the Executive Committee be eight (8).
* The Model Constitution specifies the Secretary carry out all membership activities whereas we use a Membership Coordinator. We are proposing the Secretary can delegate this area of responsibility.
* The Model Constitution provides that all members must be given copies of the Membership Register if requested whereas your Executive Committee strongly feels that privacy of Members’ addresses, emails and other information should be treated as confidential, whilst balancing any justifiable access to member names. The Executive Committee has drafted a clause which we feel adequately balanced these objectives.
* The Model Constitution provides for all membership payments to be paid on 1July, but we operate on a rolling 12 month membership.

The Executive Committee therefore proposes to up-date the Bike North Constitution. A full copy of the proposed Draft Bike North Constitution can be found here .

At the Special General Meeting on 27 November 2022 the following motion will be put to the meeting:

“That the membership accept the proposed new Constitution, dated November 2022 and, if accepted, it be submitted to NSW Fair Trading and the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission.”

P Hart – President                                                                                     B Lynne – Secretary