Cycling Update in Hornsby

Autumn 2023 in Hornsby Shire has begun with the fourth meeting between Justin Holmwood and Tom Rubin and senior Hornsby Council staff to further review and discuss progress on a number of local cycling infrastructure issues, the status of which is as follows :-

Brooklyn/Kangaroo Point Shared User Path

As reported previously, almost $7 million has been provided by the NSW Government in cycling infrastructure grants for the completion of the Brooklyn Road Shared User path, construction of which will start this year. The plans are now with Council’s Traffic Committee.

Cheltenham to Beecroft S.U.P. stage of the Epping to Pennant Hills Cycleway

Construction of this middle stage of the Epping to Pennant Hills Cycleway is nearly complete and Council is at present seeking funding for the next stage of the Cycleway from Beecroft to Pennant Hills. Unfortunately, Sydney Trains management have emphatically ruled out the use of any part of the rail easement service roads for the construction of any part of this project on the basis that all the easement will be needed for future planned expansion of the rail lines. From a gradient perspective, this decision represents a serious setback to the future usefulness of the cycleway for riders who will now have to execute climbs of up to 10%. As anyone familiar with the terrain involved will know, only eBike users or the fittest of conventional bicycle riders will probably attempt such climbs.

Hornsby Council, however, is keen to work with Bike North and other users to try and make the best of a bad situation which may involve cyclists having to follow a more circuitous route between Beecroft and Pennant Hills.

Old Pacific Highway from Asquith to Mt Colah

Ongoing discussions between Hornsby Council and T4NSW continue on this issue but no real progress is being made or seems likely in the immediate future. Bike North will con-tinue to advocate for the resolution of this unhappy situation with whoever wins the next State Election in conjunction with Bicycle NSW.

Old Pacific Highway from Cowan to Hawkesbury River

Hornsby Council’s submission to T4NSW seeking a reduction in the default speed limit on this stretch of road is currently with NSW Police Force awaiting its endorsement.

Franklin Road Cherrybrook S.U.P.

This project has been warehoused pending completion of the duplication of New Line Road in that area.

Proposed Ramsay Road Pennant Hills SUP

Council revealed that as part of its ongoing program of local active transport infrastructure roll-outs, it is planning to construct an SUP on the north-eastern side of Ramsay Road Pennant Hills between Bellamy Street and Yarrara Road to facilitate bicycle travel between the railway station and local schools . It is also proposed to connect this SUP with another one that will travel along Bellamy Street between Boundary Road and Stevens Street which will in turn feed into the Bellamy Trail connecting to Quarter Sessions Road at Westleigh. Grant funding is being sought for these projects which will significantly enhance opportunities for active transport usage between Pennant Hills and Westleigh.

Bicycle Coaching and Basic Maintenance instruction

Council is keen to work with Bike North in the running of local bicycle riding skills courses and bicycle maintenance instruction for interested community members in 2023. This collaboration is integral to the National Walking and Cycling Strategy and Council’s own Active Transport Strategy for the implementation of which Council will continue to seek Bike North’s support and commentary where necessary.