Favourite Feature – Turn-by-turn Navigation

This week we want to tell you about one of our favourite features available in the Bike North Ride with GPS Club: turn-by-turn.

Last week we encouraged you to explore Ride with GPS, Bike North’s chosen map app.

Bike North Ride with GPS Club members have access to advanced turn notifications for your bike computer or phone mapping, as well as voice navigation – a feature not usually available in free accounts.

Once you have downloaded a map, you can use the Navigate function to either read or listen to the navigation cues.

Hands free, you can use your Ride with GPS app on your phone, bike computer (Garmin, Wahoo, etc) or other device to follow a ride.  Why not give it a try when you are on a group ride? You can still ‘follow the leader’, but at the same time you can learn to use the app on your device!

The Navigation feature also has “off course” notifications if you make a wrong turn.  It even directs you back to the correct course.  Let’s hope you don’t need this feature if you are part of a Bike North group ride!!! 

Bike North members are encouraged to join the Bike North Ride with GPS Club for free using this link: https://ridewithgps.com/auto_approve/Club/1608/M70wqtJtdyWdKqVC

David Thomson and Sarah Gillis