An exciting time to be part of Bike North

Lovely people, lovely rides, even lovely weather!

Membership is healthy and growing; we are now around 530 strong.  We have roughly 50 rides each month, right cross Sydney and beyond.  We have seen the dramatic growth of our social media presence on FaceBook and Instagram; we had over 20,000 ‘reaches’ last year.  We have an efficient and effective Executive Committee that works really well together, bringing new initiatives and upholding old traditions. We have had some big wins in the advocacy space: growing our political influence, getting funds for cycleways for which we’ve been advocating and removing unnecessary bollards.

Let me share with you three opportunities, three ways you can connect with like-minded people, develop some new friendships, build extra richness into your life, and give back to the community:

1. Help manage our finances.  We’re very healthy financially.  Do you have an eye for detail, a passion for getting things right, do you know something about bookkeeping!?  Then maybe you might like to become our next Treasurer.  It would be your chance to help structure and bed down our financial systems.  Contact me at (a couple of people have contacted me already)

2. How can we best help build the skills and confidence of members and the public?  Do you have ideas about how people learn, how members could be helped?  We are looking for someone to take over as Coaching Coordinator.  For your chance to help shape coaching at Bike North, contact me at

3. We are currently updating our website and IT platform, making them more usable and accessible.  This is a huge initiative.  Do you know about IT? Do you have a willingness to roll up your sleeves and deliver stunning functionality?  We are looking for someone to be our IT Coordinator.  Contact me at

These opportunities involve your joining the Executive Committee and coming along to our friendly monthly Executive Committee meetings.  These are held every first Tuesday in Gladesville, from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.  The next one is on 6 June and you would be very welcome to come along and sit in, just to see what happens.  The new Committee will be formed at our Annual General Meeting on 6 August.

We’d love to discuss these opportunities with you, if you’re interested.

Phill Hart, President