Bike North is conducting another Forum to share knowledge about European scenic cycling (including UK)

Date/time: Tuesday, November 20, 7:45pm START

Place: Auditorium at Dougherty Community Centre, 7 Victor St, Chatswood

(Beware: Dougherty CC has several sub-venues)

Charge (towards venue rental): pre-reg $6 members, $11 non-members; extra $4 for unregistered at door

Registration: Register HERE Open until 15/11

Parking: huge nearby Albert Avenue carpark (first 3 hours free)

Public Transport: up escalators opp. Chatswood station east exit, into Post Office Lane, right into Victor St (400M).

Format: Act I: Each speaker will spend FIVE minutes summarising their 2018 Euro cycling experiences.  Besides telling the “where, when and how” of their trips, they’ll cover problems and tips for those contemplating similar.  No questions/interruptions will be permitted during Act I.  Maps will show on a screen at the front.

Moderator: Tom Rubin (Bike North President)

Act II:  After all speakers are complete, chairs will be rearranged so that all speakers are out front.  Audience and speakers will pose questions and comments, under Tom’s management.

Act III:  We must vacate the room by 9:45pm, but discussion can continue at the Orchard Tavern, near the station.


  • Peter Green (English Midlands, Cotswolds)  [Self Managed = SM]
  • Debby Backhouse (Austrian Danube)  [Commercial Tour = Com]
  • Pauline Evans (Reims to Rome)  SM
  • Tom Buckle (Reims to Rome)  SM
  • Brian Lynn (Portugal Camino)  SM
  • Marilyn Algeo (Provence barge)  Com
  • Alison Pryor (German Moselle)  Com
  • Diana Mannix (across northern France)   Com
  • Chris Byrne (Austrian Tyrol, Italian Lakes)  SM
  • Natalie Cleary (mainly Provence, + Lakes Constance & Lugarno)  SM
  • Richard Kelly (French & German Moselle, bikes-on-trains)  SM
  • Nikki Baker (Spain: Rioja)  Com
  • Kim Ryan (Croatian coast, 2017)  Com
  • Alister Sharp (folding bike, compact luggage)  SM

Documents will be created beforehand on Bike North’s website, listing what-to-take and useful websites and apps for Euro cycle-touring.