Bike North offers professional coaching and advice to the community. The courses are heavily subsidised by Bike North, though a small fee is charged to help cover the costs of venue hire, food and drink at courses. We offer the bike riding courses listed on our courses page.

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For more information on our courses or if you have further questions please email us or phone Bike North on 8188 2084 (option 2).

Bike for Life courses are taught by Cycling Australia Accredited teachers. You can Meet the teachers HERE.

Bike North Easy Rides
Once you have completed the skills course you might consider coming along on a Bike North easy ride. These are social rides of approximately 18-25 km and average 15/16km per hour over the ride with some catch-up stops and a longer coffee shop stop. Checkout the Bike North Rides Calendar for details and description of the different easy graded rides. Contact the Ride Leader of the ride you intend to join and let them know you have come from the Bike for Life course.

Practicing your skills and increasing bike fitness
For those who need to increase their basic fitness on the bike there is nothing better that getting out and riding, so we encourage participants to practice on their own or with friend who can already ride confidently. Once you have finished the buddy rides – you may want to do a couple of rides of about 15 km in distance around cycle friendly places like Sydney Olympic Park/Centennial Park/ Parramatta Park, before going on a Bike North easy ride of 25km. Alternatively you could do some regular shorter rides around your local streets/cycle paths.

Cycle fitness includes a number of things and is not just about speed of riding. For beginner cyclists – cycle fitness is more about being able to physically tolerate being on a bike for an hour or two (including getting your bottom used to your bike seat and your hands/wrists used to the hanging on to the handlebar) and maintaining concentration when you are getting fatigued (eg paying attention to smooth stopping and starting towards the end of the ride not just the beginning).