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2021 Local Government Elections

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Official Party: Labor Group Name: Labor

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Thank you for contacting me with your questions in regards to my stance on bicycle policy for Lane Cove. 

I have in the past been a member of Bicycle NSW and was an active commuting by bicycle when I worked in the CBD so it is a topic close to my heart. In my younger years I was part of a cycling group in the Eastern Suburbs and competed in Triathlons. My husband is still a regular cyclist and we ride as a family on weekends. 
My answers are as follows: 

  1. (1)  Do you support better liaison between the Council and bicycle user groups?Yes I do. 
  2. (2)  We note that little appears to have been achieved by Council to implement the 2013 Lane Cove Bike Plan subsequently updated in the current 2019 Lane Cove Bike Plan. Do you support action that achieves the links and access routes for both pedestrians and cyclists which are presented in the current Plan?It is disappointing a possibly a symbol of the current councillors priority that very little has been achieved in the 2013 plan. I would be an advocate for implementing the 2019 updates in addition to the remaining 2013 actions which have not been completed. 
  3. (3)  Do you support the construction of infrastructure that makes cycling more viable for families,school children, commuters and recreational users throughout the Lane Cove LGA?Yes I do. Australia is becoming more of a " lethargic" society and I strongly value exercise and outdoor activity for all ages and physical abilities. There are countries such as Denmark which show how far behind we are in infrastructure which builds and supports a cycling culture. 
  4. (4)  You are probably aware that the State government has recently made some grants available to local councils to fund active transport improvements for pedestrians and cyclists. Given the limitations on council budgets, do you support the idea of Councils seeking and availing themselves of State Government grants for cycling infrastructure construction?Absolutely! I do not find the budget that is presented in the 2019 LCG Bicycle Plan overwhelming, especially if implemented correctly for the amount of gain it would offer. However if State funding is the way to get this happening as soon as possible we should be definitely be active in applying. 
  5. (5)  Are there any other comments you would like to make in relation to your support for cycling in and around Lane Cove LGA?Only last week I witnessed a cyclist get knocked off their bike from car doors opening. This was while the cyclist was riding in the marked street bike lane, the lanes as the report states are not wide enough currently.  There is a lot to be improved in Lane Cove in terms of bicycle paths, bike racks and general awareness by the community of bicycle " manners" ( that goes both ways too though). I would be vocal in improving all aspects of bicycle use in Lane Cove and educating the community on safety, facilities and etiquette for bicycle users. Today I was at a council committee meeting where an elderly pedestrian was complaining about cyclists not dismounting in the Lane Cove Plaza. This is not acceptable either, so it is a general education and Comms program that is also required. I hope to obtain the support of voting cyclists for Central Ward on the 4th December as I am passionate about the implementation of better cycling practice, it has been delayed too long!
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Kathy Bryla 0414638837 kathyforlanecove@gmail.com

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