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2021 Local Government Elections

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0413781117 info@hillslaborteam.org


All ALP candidates for The Hills Council support Council achieving a position by 2030 of full renewable energy use. This includes all our facilities and vehicles. Consistent with this aim is the active promotion of active transport through the provision of safe walking and cycling facilities without missing links.
We support providing education in adult cycling skills, the promotion of ride to school and ride to work initiatives and other activities aimed at promoting cycling for short trips in The Hills.
To ensure the maximum is gained from available funds, all ALP candidates support an audit of existing active transport infrastructure, to allow a base on which to accurately plan, and the appointment of a senior Council employee to drive the planning, funding and implementation of much needed infrastructure in full consultation with cycling groups, including Bike North.

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Ryan TRACEY 0413781117 info@hillslaborteam.org