Wendy Norton*

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2021 Local Government Elections

Local » Willoughby » Middle Harbour Ward

Official Party: Nil Group Name: Independent

0409 835 403 wendyjnorton@bigpond.com


Will you actively support or champion Council building more safe and separated bike paths in the Willoughby LGA?

I have always supported the provision of safe spaces for riding (and walking) in Willoughby, as my record as a councillor attests. I will continue to actively support and champion Council building more safe and separated bike paths in the Willoughby LGA.

What do you see as the most important reasons to support bike riding in general and within Willoughby LGA?

The most important reasons are to enhance health by providing exercise for riders and also removing cars from our roads as cyclists replace cars to commute and undertake shopping etc.

Do you have any suggestions on how to make Willoughby a safer place for bike riding and walking? Priorities for safe routes or other strategies?

Council has prepared extensive plans for bike paths and I believe their implementation is a priority that council must address.

What contributions to safer riding and walking in Willoughby, or other areas, have you previously made?

I have chaired council's Bicycle Advisory Committee for a number of years and have championed the needs for safe cycling with fellow councillors and council officers. I have had success with this, as our new bike path approvals show.

Willoughby Council has a Bicycle Advisory Committee, as engagement between Council, Bike North and other local community representatives on cycling and walking matters. Do you support this committee continuing in the next term of Council?

I believe that it is vital that the committee continue as it provides important advice from a local perspective of which council officers and councillors would not otherwise be aware.

Contact Information

Wendy Norton 0409 835 403 wendyjnorton@bigpond.com