Tour de Orange 2018

Day 1 Long Ride Banjo Paterson Loop and Ophir Rd 70k. Short Ride Banjo Patterson Loop 35k After a very cold start to the morning, and having bragged about the electric blanket we had on the bed to keep us warm compared to those shivering in a tent, we all travelled together to the hard section of the ride where those … Read More

Orange Recce – Gerrit Hagen

Having really enjoyed Cowra this Easter we decided to join Phil Burge, as he was travelling to Orange, to check and see if it was possible to put a weekend on like Cowra and Mudgee.  We went to the Tourist Information Centre in Orange and got a few maps.  We were pleasantly surprised by the Town Centre, as there seemed to be … Read More

Tour de Cowra 2018 – Gerrit Hagen

Cowra Day 1 – Mount Collins – 67 kms We got up early to make our way to the start to take photographs to keep people on Facebook happy.  There were quite a lot of people at the start and everybody was eager to get a move on.  We really enjoyed cycling in the countryside. Willemina wanted to save her … Read More

A not so serious cyclists guide to Mudgee

Lyness Beavis – Bike North Member I had a great time on the Mudgee trip despite the fact that I wasn’t feeling super fit and a large percentage of the cyclists seemed to be true believers in long distance cycling. Cool mornings around -1 to 1 degree, with a light frost, but it soon warmed up.  I was very glad I … Read More

Experience of living by bike in Tokyo

Way of life for living in the “city”: Tokyo has an extremely high population density. They have about 10million people living in an area about 1/5th the size of Sydney. It’s also the central working hub for people who live in the greater Tokyo area. Around 20 million people travel into and around Tokyo every day. As many will be aware, … Read More

Experience of living by bike in Switzerland

I’m just finishing up a 6 month work placement in Switzerland where I took my bike over and used it as my main form of transport. I had a great time in the mountains each weekend but wanted to outline some of my experiences with regular riding as it may be worth some thought with regards to advocacy work in … Read More

Tour de Cowra Stories 2016

Photos from 2016 Tour de Cowra Lots of photos were taken at Cowra this year. See this page in our gallery. BayBUG rides with Bike North at Cowra Claire Goodwill & Colleen Hickey from BayBUG have a short article on their Tour de Cowra experience. You can read what they had to say on the BayBUG website. Easy/Medium Riding at Tour de … Read More

Tour de Cowra Stories 2015

Alex’s reflections (first timer) “It’s like an itch that needs a scratch every year” (John) After joining Bike North about 18 months ago, the mutterings about Cowra start … such a fun time … the cycling is so different to your weekend rides … the scenery is great and all with a friendly bunch of people. On a ride to Windsor … Read More

Cycling in Italy

Would you like to cycle in Italy with Italians? So how might this be possible? Bike North is affiliated with Amici della Bicicletta di Verona (AdB) which is a similar organisation to us, but across the globe. This affiliation offers Bike North members the chance to meet and cycle with very friendly local cyclists when in northern Italy. To find … Read More

“Bicing” in Barcelona

(yes, that is how it is spelt!) By John Hunt Barcelona is a city of 4.5 million in the greater urban area, with an old town dating back to Roman times (and before). The city centre, comprising the old town to the city limits, is home to a city-wide bike rental scheme called Bicing The following description of Bicing is … Read More