Who should do this course?

Learn to replace an inter-tube on a ride after a puncture. Deal with simple on-ride mechanical issues such as realigning a slipped chain. Keeping your bike in reasonable running order, cleaning and chain lubrication. Learning to spot wear and other problems.

What's in the course?

Conduct a basic road side repair - tube repair and replacement

Cleaning your bike including chain clean & lube

Conduct a bike inspection

Use simple bike tool kit accessories.

Is there something particular you want to learn?

The course form provides a space for you to let us known if you have something you particularly want to learn about the mechanics your bike. The mechanics and BN volunteers on the day may be able to cover this.

What do I need to bring?

You can learn on the bike the bike shop supplies or bring your own to practice on.

How is the course structured?

2 hour session. Learn the principles and actions involved, then try them with the assistance of professional mechanic / BN volunteers. Bikes stand & tools provided.