Bike North encourages riders to become Ride Leaders. The more leaders we have, the more rides and greater variety of ride programme can be created for members. We need leaders for a range of rides - easy to hard - so you don’t need to be able to lead everything. We do expect that all leaders are capable of at least leading medium rides. You should be competent with riding skills, have some basic bike mechanical and first aid knowledge and be confident in managing a group.

It is important that prospective ride leaders understand that being a ride leader can at times be a challenging task and that Bike North takes the ride leading process seriously. Primarily your role will be to safely guide a ride group for the enjoyment of all participants. There are many situations that you will find you need to deal with as a leader, which is very different from being a participant. You need to feel comfortable and confident in dealing with these circumstances. You need to be able to clearly demonstrate and communicate that capability to a ride group so that the Rides Committee is confident that you will be able to manage rides to the standards set by Bike North. Bike North ride participants have become quite accustomed to these standards. In fact, that is why they tell us they actually join Bike North.

The progression to Ride Leader therefore is not necessarily an automatic one. It can also take time as people learn and become accustomed to what is required. While you will be encouraged and given feedback, at the end of the day, all ride leaders need to demonstrate their competency.

The Process

See the document "Ride Leader Apprenticeship Program" in the quick links to find out details of the process.

BNSW does also run ride leader training days several times a year. Look out for when these are on. Basically this is another approach to understanding what is involved in being a ride leader all conducted in a single day and includes an assessment process. Please understand that Bike North can only endorse a ride leader who has been assessed under the Bike North Ride Leader Assessment system.

If you are interested in becoming a Ride Leader, then please contact the Bike North Rides Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.