We claim that Bike North has the best and biggest rides program in NSW, but even so there may not be enough rides that suit you. You may be looking for rides of a certain grade, distance or starting location that just don't come around often enough. 

Bike North rides program, like all our activities, are run by volunteer ride leaders who choose to put rides on. The rides that are chosen, the dates and times are simply selected by the leader for you all to join in. 

If you can't find a ride to suit you then the solution is simple : become a ride leader and put them on yourself. The ride leader training is a painless process which you can read about here. All the rides are run according to our Ride Protocols which are available for everyone to read.

We ask that our ride leaders run six rides per year, which isn't very many considering that many riders will be riding many more times than that. So if you are able to contribute to Bike North in this way please contact our Rides Coordinator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).