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The table immediately below is a summary of the major projects that Bike North is involved in currently and further information about some of these projects may be obtained through the menu options on the left hand side of this page








AS AT 31 MAY 2018


The table immediately below summarises major projects that Bike North is involved in currently and further information about some of these projects may be obtained by clicking on the menu options on the left side of the website’s Advocacy page



Project No.








BN Hornsby Advocacy Group


Announcement to Hornsby Council of the re-activation of the BN Hornsby Advocacy Group and request for roll-out of a Hornsby Council Bike Plan.

March, 2017

Justin Holmwood and the BN Hornsby Advocacy Group

Hornsby Group re-activated on 13.3.17 and noted by Hornsby Mayor in letter of 5 April, 2017. New Mayor, Philip Ruddock, appears supportive of cycling in Hornsby & has undertaken to assist with any funding applications to State or Clth. Govts. New Bike Plan under construction; due by mid 2018. Survey by TEF Consulting for Hornsby Council  accepted responses up to 14 Feb. 2018. Formal response submitted to survey by Bike North on 13.2.18 a copy of which can be seen in the Bike North website advocacy section. Survey outcomes awaited.




BN Hornsby Advocacy Group


Request for reduction in speed limit for The Esplanade, Thornleigh, from 60 to 50 kph especially those sections adjoining newly opened cycle lanes north and south.

June, 2017

Justin Holmwood

Hornsby Council’s Traffic Branch in a letter of 3/8/17 argued that sub-arterial status of The Esplanade and requirement for maintaining traffic flow means RMS unlikely to allow speed reduction. Lower speed advisory signs do exist on the bends but a further approach made for some green warning paint on the bicycle shoulder to emphasise its purpose has so far not yielded a result.



Repair of old Pacific Highway shoulder between Asquith and Mt Colah

To remediate the stretch of the old Pacific Highway, on the western side, between Amor Street Asquith and Rupert Street, Mt Colah which does not currently include a cycling lane on its shoulder. Though remnants of a previous one exist, it has fallen into disrepair.

May, 2017

John Hunt and Justin Holmwood

The current situation is that, for that section of the Highway, travelling North, cyclists are forced to ride in the (very busy) active traffic lane. This section of the Pacific Highway is arguably one of the most heavily used by cyclists anywhere north of Hornsby. At different points, what is obviously a former cycle lane has been allowed to become overgrown with vegetation and its signage to become almost invisible. Reps continue to be made to Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight and to local member Matt Kean MP for urgent repairs. Meanwhile, new residential unit blocks appear to involve developers carrying out road remediation in some situations along this route which may achieve in the long term what Transport NSW refuses to do in the short.

June, 2018


Hornsby to Pennant Hills  Cycleway

Exploration of possible ‘off-road’ pathways where a separated cycleway could be established to carry riders from Hornsby to Pennant Hills.

October, 2017

Justin Holmwood

First ‘saddle survey’ conducted on 30 October, 2017 by Hornsby Bike North, investigating back ways and lane ways between Hornsby and Thornleigh. Saddle Survey conducted on 22 Jan, 2018 from Thornleigh to Pennant Hills showed a depressing lack of possible on-road or back lane routes. The only separated cycleway that can be achieved would have to be along  existing footpath corridors. Negotiations required with RMS & Hornsby Council [with local MP support]



Pennant Hills to Epping Cycleway

Establishment of cycleway via back streets of Beecroft and Cheltenham to enable cyclists to ride, away from busy roads, from Pennant Hills to Epping.

October, 2017

Greg Boyd

In fulfilment of a longstanding campaign by Bike North & Pennant Hills Civic Trust to have this important link established, Local State MPs Kean & Tudhope plus Hornsby ‘C’ Ward councillors supported a formal submission on this issue sent to Transport NSW earlier in 2017. Approval was announced on 2 March, 2018 for $5.1 million to be spent on this cycleway though some officials seem to be favouring a route that is topographically impractical because of excessive gradients. If adopted, this will make the project a white elephant unless the original submission’s preferred route is adopted. Early signs are that Transport NSW may be sympathetic to our concerns but close attention needs to be paid to getting value for money with this project.

June, 2018


Greater Sydney Commission

Draft North District Plan

Outline prepared of BN’s hopes for the inclusion by the GSC of cycling as a partial solution to Sydney’s future transport challenges.

February, 2017

Justin Holmwood

Submission forwarded to the GSC on 29.3.17. Revised Draft Plan published in October, 2017 examined for relevance and direction as far as bicycle transport is concerned. Bike North has pointed out that proposed cycleway corridors are ill-defined and nebulous and the timeframes for their construction are too long and vulnerable to being out-competed by other transport modes.

On-going in 2018


Principle Bicycle Network (for the GSC’s North District)

Complementary to the GSC submission above, development by the RMS and others of where Sydney’s Principal bicycle paths should best be located to connect all the major work and service centres in Sydney’s north.

November, 2016

Carolyn New/Justin Holmwood

Workshop attended by Carolyn on 28.2.17.

and email contact with RMS since indicates that it has been discussing possible PBN route options with some local councils and perhaps by the end of the year also with Hornsby, The Hills & Parramatta Councils. Future Transport cycling stakeholder briefing held on 14 Nov, 2017. Bike North has submitted to Transport NSW in Dec,’17 that PBN corridors must be reserved a.s.a.p. not in 40 years time.

On-going in 2018


Westmead on-road cycleway

City of Parramatta’s first on-road, separated cycleway, providing a safe connection between Parramatta & the T-way Cycleway

October, 2017

Darryn Capes-Davis

The 300 metre section of cycleway along Queens Road completes one of the key missing links in the T-Way Cycleway that runs almost completely off-road from Windsor to Parramatta.

Officially opened 19/10/17


Draft Parramatta City Bike Plan

New Plan was exhibited until 8th May for public comment.

April, 2017

Darryn Capes-Davis

Following receipt of public comments, final plan awaited.

Ongoing in  2018


NorthWest Metro

Project to ensure NorthWest Metro consults and acts on advice from Hills BN Advocacy et al. re active transport links to ensure Metro patronage/reduce local traffic along the Metro route.

July, 2015

Brian Lynne

Met with Metro NorthWest on 7 June, 2017 to follow up on current status of July 2015 Pedestrian-Cycle Network and Facilities Strategy. Despite earlier indications, no bike paths on key roads to be provided for 5 yrs; no power outlets for ‘e’ bikes, not much at all really. Update requested on achievements as measured against their strategy goals.

Feedback provided in May 2018 to Northwest Metro by Bike North in The Hills re pedestrian and cycle link to Bella Vista Station for Glenwood residents.

Ongoing, 2018


NorthWest Metro

Cherrybrook Station precinct

September, 2017

Andrew Elliston/Brian Lynne

Bike North attended a Cherrybrook Station Precinct workshop on 26/9/17. Pointed out the need for proper access ways, SUPs needed, secure bike storage and informative, clear signage.

June, 2018


Hills Shire Cycle Plan

Hills Shire Cycle Plan under development.

April 2017

Brian Lynne

Comment provided by Hills BN Group to Council requesting current priorities on a project by project basis; followed up Showground Rd to M7 link proposal (since rejected) and ride to school survey.  Hills BN Group held a stall at The Hills Orange Blossom Festival on 27/8/17. Proposed creation of Cycleways Advisory Committee has been delayed .

June, 2018


Showground Rd / M7 connection in Castle Hill

Castle Hill (Showground Road)/M7 connection. New route surveyed and documented for presentation to Hills Council.

January, 2017

Brian Lynne

Document submitted to Hills Council Feb/March, 2017. However, Council advised in August its related funding application was unsuccessful. Installation of new shared user path on northern side of Showground Road, being monitored for adequacy.

Ongoing in 2018



Ride to School program in The Hills

Ride to School program in the Hills, the feasibility of which was being investigated by BN members working with local schools and the Hills Council.

April, 2017

Brian Lynne

School attitudes initially surveyed along with safe routes and bike storage availability. However, legal & insurance issues prevent Bike North and its Ride Leaders from involvement in this initiative which has been referred to the Bicycle Network organisation that already has a ‘ride to school’ program and a number of years of practical experience in program implementation.

Referred to the Bicycle Network for appropriate attention.


Hills M2 westbound from Pennant Hills Rd

Location of the South West exit portal from NorthConnex clashes with the location of the westbound cycleway entry to the M2 from P/H Rd, causing a design rethink.

November, 2017

Brian Lynne & Justin Holmwood

An alternative entry to the westbound M2 for cyclists riding north along Pennant Hills Road is being explored from Oakes Road where, travelling north, a ramp is proposed from the park on the left of Oakes Rd just after the Carmen Drive cross road and before the M2. Following a further site meeting on 11 January, 2018, a resolution is awaited from NorthConnex and Parramatta Council.

Ongoing in 2018


Ryde City BN Advocacy Group

  1. Pidding Road, Ryde Regional Cycle Route remediation.
  2. Shrimptons Creek path major upgrade @ northern end
  3. Epping Rd Regional Cycleway, County Rd Regional Cycleway, Pittwater Rd Regional Cycleway.
  4. Lachlan’s Line cycle path
  5. City of Ryde Draft delivery plan 2017-21
  1. March, 2017

2.- 5 May/June 2017

Doug Stewart/Alf Torrisi/Alison Pryor

  1. Representations made to Ryde Council re proper shoulders on 30 March, 2017.
  2. Discussed with Council 5/6/17
  3. Council design team currently doing concept and detailed design work for when money becomes available.
  4. Final design issues to be resolved because the path as proposed will not meet the needs of cycling to Lane Cove.
  5. Ryde BN called for all road upgrade proposals to include related cycling infrastructure improvements.



Epping Road to Balaclava Road & Macquarie University cycle path

Epping Road to Balaclava Road & Macquarie University - 2 Way conversion

Talks for a number of years

Doug Stewart/Alf Torrisi/Alison Pryor

To be built by Ryde Council but Uni is paying.



Epping Road Cycle Path

Extension west from Paul St, Nth Ryde past Shrimptons Creek, Herring Rd and on to Balaclava Rd (1.6 km)


Doug Stewart/Alf Torrisi/Alison Pryor

To be competed in current financial year, then, in 2018/19 to continue west past Culloden, Vimiera and Pembroke (a further 1.3km). Tenders currently being let for section from Paul St. to Vimiera Street.



Kuringai Shire BN Advocacy Group

Reactivation of BN Advocacy within the Kuringai Shire

26 April, 2017

Lyness Beavis

First meeting held 17/5/17 considered Town Centre developments in Lindfield and Turramurra and lack of cycling connections to these places + cycle lane plans for Killeaton St, St Ives  and  Lindfield Avenue, Lindfield. In 5 yrs of KS Bike Plan, only 8.9 kms of cycling infrastructure completed, mainly lane markings.



North Shore Cycleway

Completion of gap between Naremburn Cycleway and Sydney Harbour Bridge

2007 – since Naremburn to North Ryde Cycleway completed. Discussion of latest RMS project Aug 2016.

Carolyn New

RMS Project – partnership with Bicycle NSW. Query with local member O/S.

Followed up 21/5. Discussions impacted by possible Northern Beaches Tunnel proposal. Stakeholder workshop held on 22.2.18 to discuss options for the roll out of the North Shore Cycleway along West Street North Sydney.

Ongoing in  2018


Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycleway Ramp

RMS Funding allocated for ramp due to Bicycle NSW lobbying. Public announcement Dec 2016.

Bike North is working in partnership with Bicycle NSW.

Aug 2016 (met with RMS project team).

Carolyn New

RMS scheduled workshop held on 23 June. BN representatives attended. Background advice also provided to cross-bench MLCs earlier in the year. A formal proposal released by Transport NSW was commented on by Bike North in December 2017. Since then, local community concerns about the impact of the SHB ramp on Bradfield Park amenity and the heritage vista of the SHB northern approach have caused the Roads Minister to announce a delay in commencement for up to 2 years. Petition initiated by Bicycle NSW and Bike North collected 1000s of signatures urging no further delay.

Ongoing in 2018


Metro (Victoria Square and Crows Nest)

New metro stations. Work with Transport on cycling issues.


Carolyn New

Advised Metro of Bike North contacts. Survey undertaken with Planning NSW until 8 March, 2018 about future bike accessibility to the St Leonards/Crows Nest Precinct.

Ongoing, 2018


Northern Beaches Link

Proposed new road. Raise profile of cycling issues and opportunities.

March 2017

Carolyn New

Issues discussed with Bicycle NSW as there are potential impacts on North Shore Cycleway. The RMS website, Projects page has link to this project through which you can ‘Have Your Say’ via a Community Consultation Map. To be closely monitored for lack of information to date.



Lane Cove Transport and Traffic Study

Input provided at workshops on cycling issues at Lane Cove Village, St Leonards Station and Lane Cove West.

Dec, 2016

Carolyn New

Workshops complete.

Monitor further actions by Lane Cove Council. Further improvements to Burns Bay Road SUP in late 2017 have been welcomed.

On-going. Unlikely to be further feedback.


Lane Cove Council

Bicycle Advisory Committee

Council sought nominations to its Bicycle Advisory Committee

Oct/Nov, 2017

Carolyn New/Ian Meller

Nominations closed 1 December, 2017

News of Committee’s final composition and activity awaited.

June, 2018


Willoughby BikePlan Audit

Review GTA Willoughby Bike Plan Infrastructure Assessment

March 2017

Carolyn New

GTA presented on Bike Plan Audit at Bicycle Committee meeting



Willoughby Bicycle Committee

Consultative Committee of Willoughby City Council on local cycling issues

9 May 2017

Carolyn New

1. Met new Sustainable Transport officer.

2. GTA Review

3. Bike Counts plan

4. Cycling without Age

5. Thomas St Car Park bike facilities still O/S



North Sydney Bike Plan Rollout

Monitoring and providing feedback on North Sydney Bike Routes:

1.St Leonards to Mosman

2.Ridge Street (West to Miller)

3.Winter and Bent Street

4 Kurraba Road

2014 - Integrated Bike Plan Strategy published

Carolyn New

Stage 1 of the new separated cycleway for North Sydney to the Spit almost complete which extends along part of Ernest St, then Park Ave, Sutherland St and Young St. Section between Ernest St and St Leonards Park will be Stage 2 in 2018/19.



North Sydney Sustainable Transport Reference Group

Group established to review impacts of transport infrastructure projects in Nth Sydney.

29 May, 2017

Carolyn New

1.Metro impacts on North Sydney

2.Beaches Link issues (‘Have Your Say’ official response to issues raised about Beaches Link is that our feedback has been taken into consideration ! )

3. Cycling route builds and designs



Cycling Without Age


A program begun in Denmark and now being examined in over 28 countries to encourage the elderly to get back on their bikes.

Feb 2017

Carolyn New

Supported initial site at Woolwich and encouraged Willoughby to trial. Training undertaken plus Carolyn attended 19-21 June International Summit in Copenhagen.



Velo-city 2017 Conference

Organised by the European Cyclists’ Federation - Velo-city 2017 is the premier international planning conference on cycling.

June, 2017

Carolyn New

Designed to encourage cycling as part of daily transport and recreation, the conference brings together those involved in policy, promotion and provision of cycling facilities and programs from all around the world to share knowledge and help deliver cycling improvements across the globe.

Next conference in Rio, 2018.


Minimum Safe Passing Distance enforcement

Establishment of a data base of MSPD infringements reported by cyclists to be acted on by the authorities.

May 2017

John Hunt

Submission referred to BNSW for further development and implementation. Reps also made to local MP Matt Kean about apparent lack of enforcement. UK sting operations by West Midlands Police may be informative. Meanwhile, Bike North has pledged its support to BNSW’s campaign to legalise footpath riding for over 12’s. Meanwhile, MSPD trial completed and State Govt. has made the 1m/60kph and 1.5m > 60kph rules law in May,’18.



Bicycle Safety Reporting Tool

An initiative of BNSW in collaboration with Bike North to collect data on Bicycle safety re infrastructure, regulatory and education failings & report to relevant Government agencies.

May 2017

Darryn Capes-Davis

Very early days in terms of concept and development but it is an attempt to replace the former ‘See Click Fix’ and ‘Go Fix’ on-line hazard reporting tools for cyclists which have fallen into disrepair of late. Meanwhile, direct approach is suggested for getting councils to fix infrastructure problems. Recent signs of life for ‘See, Click, Fix’.



Annual Bike North Awards for cycling advocacy

This is an idea still under development which may involve the giving of certificates of commendation from BN to public and private organisations for “promoting cycling”.

August 2017

BN Executive

Awards for different categories [e.g. best path, best map, best event] might be presented at a dinner/ceremony followed by a press release. To be continued !