Through its advocacy, Bike North works to improve cycling in northern Sydney by influencing external decision makers.

We are committed to improvements in infrastructure, enforcement of road rules and education for all riders, whether beginner or experienced, whether on e-bikes or roadies, whether commuters or recreational cyclists.

Bike North focuses its advocacy work on:

  • Development and maintenance of facilities and infrastructure that provide safe routes for cyclists, with preference for routes separated from traffic and pedestrians
  • Development and maintenance of direct, continuous and convenient cycle routes to support active transport commuting
  • Installation of facilities and infrastructure – such as sheltered, secure, bike parking
  • Development of education programmes to create better attitudes to cycling and safer behaviour by all road and path users.

Bike North cycling advocacy is politically impartial. We liaise with elected officials, Government departments, public servants, commercial organisations, special interest groups and the public to support our advocacy goals.

Bike North has working groups in each of the nine northern Sydney local government areas. If interested in contributing your knowledge, skills or passions, we invite you to contact your local Working Group from the list below.

Together, we can achieve our goal of making cycling better in northern Sydney.

‘Tour de Willoughby’ – Tim James MP & Advocacy Co-ordinator David Thomson cycle routes and uncover issues
Chatswood Fair, September 2022. Advocacy team members look over cycle routes with Councillor Brendon Zhu and Federal MP Paul Fletcher.
Tim James, MP, drops in to the Bike North stall at Chatswood Fair, September 2022.