At Bike North we work to achieve a better cycling environment with appropriate authorities for the northern Sydney region.

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Objectives & Principles

Bike North Advocacy Objectives

We work to achieve a better cycling environment with appropriate authorities for:

the development of low stress, continuous routes that enable cyclists to directly reach the places they need to go.

the installation of facilities and implementation of programs that support cyclist needs. For example installation of bike parking, implementation of bike parking controls with council development applications

the awareness of the potential for and rectification of existing hazards in the road environment that could be detrimental to cycling, whether or not they are part of an recognised bicycle route. (All roads are cycle routes)

the development of programs that create better attitudes to cycling and safer behaviour on roads and paths by all road and path users

Bike North Advocacy Principles

Bike North cycling advocacy is politically impartial.

Bike North advocates building the most appropriate environments and facilities to meet the needs of all cyclists, whether beginners or experienced and whether they cycle for transport or recreation.

Bike North recognises that many beginner cyclists need to be separated from the traffic, and we work to have these facilities provided to encourage those people to start cycling.

Bike North recognises that many experienced cyclists prefer fast, direct, continuous and convenient cycle routes which use the current road system.

Bike North recognises that many cycle facilities will not suit both beginner and experienced cyclists needs.

Bike North does not generally recommend the building of cycle facilities that are perceived to be safe by beginner cyclists or non-cyclists, but which have significant hazards in their design.

Bike North recommends the creation of critical links in urban areas such as regional ´urban veloways´ and short sections which take cyclists across small high-stress areas.

Bike North advocates purpose designed facilities where reasonable road alternatives do not already exist.

Bike North advocates maximum effort be put into alleviating “problem points” to build continuous networks.