The Bike North Jersey kit Team Shop is open – four days remaining!

The Jersey kit Team Shop is now open: The Shop will remain open until Sunday 25th July.  Get your order in before then!  If you have any questions on the ordering process, contact the membership officer Beth O’Leary at or 0403243559. Thanks Kind regards Beth O’Leary  m. 0403 243 559  Membership Officer | Bike North

Strava art competition

What do you see in this Strava route?  A cow, right?  Or is it an anxious dog?  Either way, we know it is Strava art. Remember, here is the challenge: Research the paths and streets in your local area Design a route that will give a cool Strava Art image Record the ride using Strava or RidewithGPS and send us … Read More


So we can’t ride beyond 10km from home. Woe is we! With help from website (thanks Victor!), I pondered how to win the lucrative President’s Artistic-route Prize, genre “Extremism”. From Greenwich shop cluster (near home), and notwithstanding harbour and rivers interrupting, I conjured a ride-route comprising four “leaves”, with VERY minimal overlap/retrace/repetition: 208km. The leaves are in sequence NE, … Read More

Keeping active during lockdown

YouTube has many videos of cycling experiences you can ride along with, without leaving home, even on an inexpensive static trainer.  Here are some examples. The Col Collective is one of my favourite channels, a particularly professional offering taking us into the Alps and Pyrenees:  My static trainer makes it possible for me to summit the Tourmalet without dying. … Read More

Following the Aussie Olympic Cycling Team

Cycling TV viewing, from the couch or on the trainer, moves from the Tour de France to the Olympics this week. For those who follow international cycling it’s time to write up your predictions for winners of the men’s and women’s Road Race and Time Trial or Mountain Biking events – which are on in the first week. Check out … Read More

Discount on membership with Bicycle NSW for Bike North members

Do you know that membership with Bike North entitles you to a 15% discount on your membership with Bicycle NSW?  Use code bikenorth2122 when you join or renew.  Bicycle NSW members receive global, comprehensive (personal accident and public liability) rider insurance and a range of other benefits as well as advocacy and legal support. 

Keeping cycle-fit during lockdown

There are a number of apps that work with your stationary bike or trainer to allow you to stay cycle-fit during lockdown.  These include Zwift (, Rouvy ( and FulGaz (  Each has unique features over the others and which one you use gets down to personal preference. But each of them will allow you to enjoy a good ride virtually. … Read More

Enter our Strava Art Competition

We need to think creatively about riding while we can’t travel outside our LGA or more than 10kms from our homes. See the cat in the image above?  This is an example of ‘Strava Art’; it’s someone’s ride as recorded by Strava.  This image comes from Centennial Park.  Here are some more examples of Strava Art, to inspire you: … Read More

Jersey kit Team Shop is open

The Jersey kit Team Shop is now open: The Shop will remain open until Sunday 25th July.  Get your order in before then!   – Beth Beth O’Leary  m. 0403 243 559  Membership Officer | Bike North

Ryde Cycle Path Counts

Wondered if you were seeing more people riding a bike on some key routes in the Ryde LGA over the years and particularly in times of public health orders in the past 12 months or so? Can you guess the three shared user paths for Ryde routes that the graph image represents (March 2020 – March 2021)? Could you guess … Read More