Types of Membership

There are two classes of membership, Standard and Premium, each offering a number of options relating to age. See our Types of Membership link on the left for a full explanation before you join. 

How do I join Bike North?

We would like your support – For Standard membership you can join on-line using our Join Up link to the left. During the joining process you will be given a reference number, please take note of the reference number as you will need that when it comes time to make your payment. For Premium membership please see our Types of Membership on the left with links to the AusCycling membership process. 

How do I use my Membership Voucher?

If you are lucky enough to have a Membership Voucher then joining Bike North is easy. Click on the Join Up link to the left and fill in the membership form. You will be asked to enter the voucher number towards the end of the process. Once the process is complete you will be a paid up member of Bike North.

Do I need to be an experienced cyclist to ride with or join Bike North?

Absolutely not. Whilst our rides do cater very well for serious, long distance riders, we also take pride in helping novices find their cycling wheels. So, whether your idea of a great ride is a gentle trundle around Olympic Park, a hard slog up Mt. White and beyond, or anywhere in between, we’ve got the ride for you.

Can I volunteer to help Bike North?

We encourage all members to become involved in our work to promote cycling. You can do this by indicating how you can help on the membership form or give us a call. Our tasks range from the simple to complex and one-offs to quite time demanding. Ride Leading, stuffing envelopes, writing letters or articles, surveying routes, participating in a meeting. These are but a few examples.

What are the benefits of joining Bike North?

  • we work for you and for cycling
  • we show you the way
  • we represent your needs
  • you can buy our jerseys, polo shirts, bottles
  • you get to enter exclusive Bike North events, like BNC
  • you get to join our email discussion list
  • it’s great belonging to a group of like-minded people
  • we cater equally to male and female riders
  • we run a wide range of social rides
  • we run weekends away
  • you will be supporting the promotion of cycling and improved cycling facilities
  • you will be increasing the cyclists’ voice in the community
  • you will be supporting cycling at the local level
  • there is no better way to get fit, than cycling
  • it’s for your health’s sake
  • there are friends you’re yet to meet