here are several special events which Bike North holds in most years. Some are limited to members only, others are open to all comers. New events may be added in future and others discontinued. The events tend to evolve and improve.

BN Big Ride Day

Held in conjunction with the AGM, this day is a celebration of cycling in and around BN territory. Several rides begin and end at Sydney Olympic Park.

BN Christmas Party

Held in November each year this event is full of on-bike fun events plus a scrumptious morning tea. This event is held at a number of different venues. See Rides calendar for details.

The Bike North Century Challenge

The Bike North Century Challenge is a personal challenge event for members held on the last Sunday each April. Each small riding group consisting of 2, 3 or 4 riders stays together over difficult and testing terrain to reach the goal of finishing the route. There is a choice of 60km, 100km, 120km, 160km or 200km distances, each of them having significant climbing. All routes have shortcuts which riders can take if they choose. All riders meet up for a post event celebration.

The Bike North Challenge is open to members only but you can easily join Bike North

For more information check out the Bike North Century Challenge page.

Tour de Cowra

Every Easter Bike North runs a series of rides in a country town. The event is open to all, registration is required.

The events allows riders to enjoy un-trafficked roads, to ride at their own pace, and to socialise after rides. Distances range from 45 km to 200 km and terrain can be flat or very hilly. On days where there are long or difficult rides programmed a less demanding choice is usually offered. Most people stay in a caravan park and there is always a communal HQ set up with an urn, tea/coffee and some snacks.

Tours so far:
  • Tour de Cowra 2001
  • Tour de Cowra 2002
  • Tour de Cowra 2003
  • Tour de Cowra 2004
  • Tour de Cowra 2005
  • Tour de Young 2006
  • Tour de Forbes 2007
  • Tour de Cowra 2008
  • Tour de Cowra 2009
  • Tour de Cowra 2010 (10th Anniversary of the event)
  • Tour de Cowra 2011
  • Tour de Cowra 2012
  • Tour de Cowra 2013
  • Tour de Cowra 2014
  • Tour de Cowra 2015
  • Tour de Cowra 2016
  • Tour de Cowra 2017
  • Tour de Cowra 2018
  • Tour de Cowra 2019
  • Tour de Cowra 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19
  • Tour de Cowra 2021
DescriptionNext Date
BNCCOur Marquee event. Look at the event webpage for more information.TBC
TdCTour de Cowra. Great riding with friends in a fantastic area over the Easter weekend.TBC
AGMAttend the AGM. Meet the executive or put your hand up to get involved.TBC
Christmas PartyAttend the Christmas Party full of fun activities for all.TBC